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3 Horrible DIY Pond Builder Mistakes

3 Horrible DIY Pond Builder Mistakes

According to The Pond Digger, These Are The Most Dangerous DIY Pond Builder Mistakes

We spend a great deal of time helping Do-It-Yourselfers design and build their dream ponds. Its a great job, and the reward of seeing people get their hands dirty bringing their dreams to fruition is priceless. When we get pictures of clients standing next to their completed projects, with that ear to ear grin, so proud of the beautiful thing they have created with their own blood, sweat, and tears, it is the ultimate reward.

On the flip side, one of the most challenging conversations we handle, on the daily, is helping the DIYer with their problematic pond because they started their project without professional guidance. My husband, Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger spends a great deal of time with weekend warriors in their backyards after the fact. Wouldn’t you prefer to have Eric in your backyard before you start the project for pre-pond build guidance rather than after your project for post-pond build guidance?

Here is are the three most common DIY Pond Builder mistakes we experience on a regular basis.


People see lots of ideas on the internet. They like a certain skimmer, the water clarity on this system, they want a bottom drain, plants, no gravel on the bottom, but gravel on the shelves, (WHAT??!!?!) purple elephants, pixies spreading wildflowers, and then they want all this random equipment they’ve gathered to function perfectly together.

They basically pull equipment they like, out of different pond set ups they like, smoosh it all together, and hope it will all work. By mixing parts of successful recipes for pond construction they are creating dysfunctional systems, just like Dr Frankenstein did in Mary Shelley’s novel.

The results are often as devastating for the pond owner and their fish, as they were for Dr Frankenstein, resulting in high ammonia, not enough oxygen, poor circulation, no water clarity, and out of control algae!

Pick a pond build recipe that works, and stick to it.


At the beginning of their project, these weekend warriors spend their time researching all things pond, so they can be informed when it comes time to purchase the kit from us. The challenge of separating the wheat from the chaff of info on the ‘net in the pond world, is just like everything else on the internet. There is just too much, and soon enough, you must stop or lose your mind.

Now they are diving in without enough info to achieve the goals and expectations they have for their pond.

I recently had a DIY pond guy decide he would build a pond just like Eric did on Snapchat.

When he sent me his pond size, and equipment list, I had to put on the brakes.

While the components he had were generally correct, they were not correctly sized for his feature.

He would have been sorely disappointed with his results, because he thought he knew what he needed, but didn’t understand the specifications.

That’s okay though, I’m here to help.


Not just a suggestion, but akin to a command, maybe with a little less force. 😉 Reconsider your size.

Not going big enough in the first place accounts for over 30% of The Pond Digger Construction projects, because the homeowner didn’t want to get crazy and build a lake in their yard. I’m telling you, get crazy. In about a heartbeat, that 8 x 11 pond will be looking small.

You’re going to want to start with 3 or 4 koi, then someone gives you their koi because they are moving away, then you get a koi for your birthday, then you go to a show, and pick up a super cool koi like you’ve never seen before, suddenly your koi spawn and you want to keep the babies, and then…..you can see where I’m going here, right?

Don’t forget, these are living, breathing, critters that GROW. So, you bought 4 cute little six inchers, that are now a whopping 24 inches, and that’s not even counting the motley crew that were added by circumstance. See? Your pond is too small.

Just go big in the beginning, it will save you in the end.

Do It Yourself Photos from a few of our clients

Charla Hatch – Snowflake, Arizona

Geoffrey Hayes – Hampton, Illinois

Geoffrey Hayes – Hampton, Illinois

Thomas Banneck- Muskogee, Oklahoma

Theresa Corkill

Jaimie Russell – Hawaii, Hawaii

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Life is Short, Enjoy Koi!

Leslie Triplett
The Pond Gal

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4 Spring Pond Care Essentials Every Pond Needs!!

4 Spring Pond Care Essentials Every Pond Needs!!

Understanding Spring Pond Care

Spring is jumping on us quick this year! Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the outdoors and all the wonder and excitement of your beautiful pond again.

That brings us to the topic of preparing your pond for spring. Mother Nature has a fantastic way of preparing her natural bodies of water for each new season by flooding waterways with fresh rains and melting snow, recycling old water out and refreshing it with new.

clean out the pond muckIn your rock and gravel eco-system ponds this service needs to be provided manually on an annual basis to help maintain its balance.

This means; you’ve got to get in there, drain the pond, rinse the gravel, remove any heavy debris that may have accumulated during fall and while you’re at it, clean the biological waterfall filter, thin out your aquatic plants, and replace the light bulbs your underwater lighting systems, among other things; all while ensuring the safety of your fish and other pond inhabitants.

Advanced ponds with suped up life support systems including aeration systems, UV clarifiers, Bio-Mechanical filters, Back Flushable Waterfall Filters, bottom drains, settlement tanks and such; the SPRING POND CARE procedures are much less painful and cost substantially less than traditional rock and gravel eco-system ponds. However there are many chores that shouldn’t be overlooked like replacing UV bulbs and cleaning quartz sleeves, inspecting air intakes and diaphragms on your air pumps, and the list of to do’s and don’t goes on.

Four Spring Pond Care Essentials Your Pond Needs Annually!

1. Livestock Evaluation – It’s important to take a serious look at your fish population each and every year.

It only takes about three years for a new pond owner to begin putting a strain on a pond’s life support system without even realizing it.

In the third year of pond ownership your Koi should start to put on some size (and mass) if you’re doing things right.

A 26” Koi can have 8 times the body mass of a 13” Koi. Yes believe it or not, a Koi that doubles in length can put on 8 times the mass!

Imagine the food consumption and waste byproduct produced if all the Koi in your pond were suddenly 26”?

How would that affect your maintenance and water treatment routines?

Much to often a pond owner will continue to do the same routine from day one of their pond, in the 3rd, 4th and 5th year. This is when things can start to go really wrong.

Evaluation your livestock population each spring so you can make minor or major adjustments each year and enjoy your Koi as they mature in to majestic beauties.

2. Water Treatment Evaluation – Beneficial Bacteria, Barley Straw Extract, Algae Fix, Koi Clay, Flocculant, Pond Salt, and the list goes on.

What treatments are you doing and how often?

I’ve evaluated ponds for clients and have found entire cabinets full of different water treatment products all being used at the same time!

Find clarity in your water treatment selection and in turn find clarity in your pond.

If your pond is heavily populated you might find that increasing your beneficial bacteria doses will help manage your water quality.

You might find that when your Koi attain 18” you can reduce algae care products because an 18” Koi can eat a serious amount of string algae!

Did you know the use a Flocculant or Koi Clay could improve your pond’s water clarity in a big way!

Reviewing your water treatment usage each spring is a great way to make improvements in your water quality.

3. Review Feeding Schedule Routines, Serving Sizes and Total Annual Poundage – Give this one some thought; think back to when you pond was brand new when you first populated your pond with Koi.

Do you remember how much fish food you went through in your first pond season? Your Koi where still a bit shy and they we only a few inches long.

Chances are, you went through a pound or two of food in that first season.

As your pond matures, so do the Koi and in the second season you certainly doubled or tripled that amount of food offerings. Before you know it you are into your third season, your Koi are even bigger, eat much more than last year and to top it off have become sexually active!

By the fourth season your Koi are pushing 2’ long and have 50 or 60 offspring swimming around the pond and they’re eating you out of house and home.

I actually have a client with a 6000-gallon pond that purchased 250 pounds of fish food last year! That’s crazy when you think about it!

It’s important to realize massive jumps that can creep up on you and understand the demand this can have on your maintenance and water treatment routines.

4. Life Support System Inspection – Biological filters, UV filters, aeration systems, ion generators, sieve filters, settlement tanks, bottom drains, check valves, knife valves, 3-way valves, filter pads, skimmer nets & pads… Now take a deep breathe!

Go about it one step at a time and evaluate each component of your life support system.

Ponds are exposed to a great deal each year with the seasonal changes, population explosions and such.

I’ve seen bio-mechanical filters so overloaded with pond muck that they barely even worked, and the homeowner didn’t even realize it.

Replace UV lamps, repair diaphragms on air pumps, replace old filter pads on your mechanical filters, replace holey skimmer nets and lava rock media bags.

You get the picture now, right?

Do a physical inspection of your life support each spring and rest easy while enjoying your pond the rest of the year.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it! It’s really not as hard as it sounds and for the “Down and Dirty”, do-it-yourselfers that are a little nervous, The Pond Digger will be hosting a FREE Spring Pond Care Seminar at our headquarters Saturday, March 25th!

FREE Spring Pond Care Seminar

Saturday, March 25th
9 am – 12 pm (noon)
@ The Pond Digger HQ:
31710 Dunlap Blvd
Yucaipa, CA 92399

Let us personally walk you through spring pond care procedures and other routine maintenance to build your confidence for this task.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty then have no fear, The Pond Digger has started scheduling work orders for Spring Pond Care and we’ll be flooding into your neighborhood soon!

That will leave more time for you to plant your annual spring flowers and prepare for the barbeque Pond Party planning for family and friends; don’t forget to send us an invitation, too!

I hope everyone has it figured it out by now; The Pond Digger is not your ordinary Landscape Contractor.

We are fish freaks turned Landscape Contractor, and Landscape Contractor turned Pond Digger! We are constantly striving for excellence in our field with continuous research and development.

This enables us to make educated improvements on our product line, thus helping you with the maintenance and health care concerns of your pond and it inhabitants.

To secure a spot on our clean out calendar contact our office at (800)-522-5043 to be placed on our waiting list. Be sure to leave a daytime number so that one of our maintenance techs can contact you to review your spring POND CARE work order if necessary.

We’ve worked hard to gain your business and we’re working even harder, to maintain it. The finest compliment we could ever receive is a referral from you! If your have neighbors, friends and family that are constantly at your place marveling over your pond, PLEASE give me their names so I can build one for them too and get them out of your hair!


For daily pond pro tips, follow us on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Life is Short, Enjoy Koi!

Eric Triplett
The Pond Digger

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Make Money with your Pond!


Make Money with your Pond!



A pond full of colorful, gorgeous koi, swimming gracefully through the sparkling, clear water, calls to visitors like nothing else at a home.

They can easily imagine the sound of the waterfall trickling down the falls relaxing them at the end of a long, hard day, beverage in hand, tie unknotted, shoes kicked off, feet propped up.

This followed by that same musical waterfall lulling them to sleep at bedtime, with frogs calling a vocal backup.

This relaxing bit of nature, in the middle of the crowded, busy city, can really be the advantage your home has over other homes on the market.

Make sure your pond is clear, the waterfalls unobstructed by plants that hinder the view.



Leave the windows on the pond side of the house open during showings and open house dates to insure potential buyers hear the pond inside, and outside.

Recently, during my own open house, I made sure all the windows near my 2 ponds were open. People commented on the lovely sounds of the waterfalls all day.

Place a few lounge chairs strategically around the pond to call people to them. Encourage them to sit, and take in the view. Put a cooler with waters or a few snacks on a table nearby.


The possibilities are endless, and with people dreaming of “staycation homes” the market has never been more affected by tranquil, relaxing, at home amenities.

Make sure they see the beauty of your pond and all it has to offer.

We have had many clients come to us after the sale of their home saying the pond was the deciding factor in the sale.

Though they hated leaving their beloved ponds, they were happy to know the new owners were so enthralled with the water feature that it helped the sale of their home.


Now, they are excited to build a new, bigger pond at their new home!

For daily pond pro tips follow us on SnapChat, FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter

Life is Short, Enjoy Koi!

Eric Triplett
The Pond Digger

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5 Magical Elements Plants Add to Ponds: Including Dragons!


5 Magical Elements Plants Add to Ponds: Including Dragons!

instabutterPlants bring a lot to your pond. Of course there are the aromatics and amazing blooms, but you already know about that.

I’m going to tell you 5 things you may not know about, that plants bring to your pond, that can dramatically improve your life!

Okay, maybe not so dramatic, but some pretty dang cool stuff.


Ponds, or waterfalls, but especially ponds WITH waterfalls bring birds in.

Spectacular, sparkling hummingbirds, flitting in and out of the waterfall, catching flying bugs, adorable finches, bathing and drinking, regal hawks cooling off, the list goes on and on, but you’re catching the drift.

Put out a few feeders, and you’ll get even more.

But then, you have to fill those feeders! Here’s the beauty of pond plants:

Many of the plants that you can put in and around your pond produce nectar for birds like orioles and hummingbirds, or they produce seeds after they flower, for seed eaters like finches.

Herbs are especially great seed producers and look and smell great around your pond.

Now, you won’t have to remember to fill up feeders, but your visiting birds have groceries!

Day and night, your new feathered friends will give you hours of fascinating entertainment, and provide the useful service of bug and mosquito control.

No worrying about zika or west nile for you!


Plants bring butterflies! Okay not all plants, but the right plants bring in a ton of butterflies.

Butterflies eat the nectar from many of the blooming flowers that you can plant in and around your pond.

They are especially attracted to many of the plants that have darker colored blooms like lilacs, fuchsia, bleeding heart and hummingbird plant.

Then they spend the rest of their time flitting around your pond looking pretty. Great bonus!


Dragonflies are voracious carnivores straight from the egg, ravenously consuming other insect larvae, including mosquito larvae.

As they mature and take flight, they commence consuming an even greater number of flying insects, such as mosquitos.

This helps reduce the risk of disease carrying pests in your neighborhood.

Plus, dragonflies are just cool to look at and play with. They will land right on an outstretched hand, allowing an up close and personal encounter, that will have your kids, or grandkids, and maybe even you, giggling in delight.

Chinese legend says that a dragonfly lands on you because it senses your inner peace. It’s like a personal stress test!

By adding tall plants the dragonflies can perch on and hunt from, you create inviting areas for dragonflies to hang out.

The more comfortable they are, the longer they will stay consuming those nasty, flying, bad, bugs like mosquitos.


Notorious for sucking blood, and hanging out with vampires, bats have a bad reputation. I’m here to bust that lie wide open.

Bats are incredibly helpful in your yard. They eat all kinds of annoying flying insects, and that includes mosquitos. (I hate to beat this dead horse into the ground, but everyone is concerned about zika lately)

In fact a single bat can consume up to 1000 mosquitos in a night. Yes, I said ONE THOUSAND. That’s a lot of vector control packed in to one tiny body.

Getting bats to come is a bit more difficult than dragonflies or hummingbirds though.

Plant a couple of taller trees or plants near your pond, and hang up some bat houses. The bats will move in and begin patrolling your grounds for invasive, disease carrying insects immediately upon arrival.


NIGHT LIFE (around your pond)

The last cool tip is WHITE flowers. White flowers come on all kinds of plants, but the best part of white flowers is the way they reflect the moonlight at night.

While most flowers appear to turn black at night, white flowers practically fluoresce in the moonlight, giving your pond an added dimension, and extra hours of enjoyment past sunset, without an extra electric bill.

Be sure to use a variety of white blooming plants to maximize the time period of blooms.

For a list of plants that will help attract birds, butterflies, or bats, or a list of plants with white flowers, email leslie@theponddigger.com

For daily pond pro tips follow us on SnapChat, Periscope, Facebook, and Twitter.

Leslie Triplett, The Pond Gal

Life is Short, Enjoy Koi!

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3 Beautiful Ways to get Hummingbirds to Your Yard in DROVES

[huge_it_video_player id=”2″]


3 Beautiful Ways to get Hummingbirds to Your Yard in DROVES

Who doesn’t love a colorful, friendly hummingbird, flitting in and out of your garden? And, yes, I did say friendly. Provide a happy habitat for them to hang out in, and they will get to know you. They actually become down right NOSY! I have one in my yard that follows me around as I do my outside chores, buzzing along just above my shoulder, checking out everything I do!

If I pick up a hose to water some plants, he’s right in the stream, drinking some fresh water. I think that may be his true goal, but I’m still not sure.

waterfall2016WONDERFUL WATER

Hummingbirds love running water. They much prefer it to standing water. They are quite particular when it comes to the freshness of their water!

Water is critical for small birds to stay hydrated, and because of a hummingbird’s extremely fast metabolism, they need constant access to drinking water.

Provide them a gently cascading waterfall, or a pot with water flowing out the top and down the sides. They love not only to drink from these gentle cascades, but they also love to bathe in them.

Hummingbirds love to be clean and fresh and will bathe daily if given the right water flow, and there is almost nothing as cute as a tiny hummingbird bathing in your water feature.


Hummingbirds also eat a surprising number of insects every day, including mosquitoes. If you include some plants that produce fruit that will attract insects, like fruit flies, hummingbirds will flock to your yard in droves. You can also put over ripe bananas out in a shallow dish to attract fruit flies.

beebalm-hummingbirdHummingbirds will consume twice their body weight daily in food, and up to eighty percent of this can be insects. That is a LOT of little bitty bugs.


Hummingbirds can be easily attracted to your yard by adding the right plants for them to feed from. They can be lured to stay by adding the other key components to make your yard a haven for them.

Here is a list of plants that hummingbirds are attracted to. Please research each plant before placing in your yard because some of these plants get HUGE!!

Happy planting!

Bee Balm
Bleeding Heart
Butterfly Weed
Cardinal Flower
Century Plant
Coral Bells
Crape myrtle
Dame’s Rocket
Fire Pink
Four O’ Clocks
Glossy Abelia
Scarlet Sage
Sweet William

What’s Happening on YouTube!

YouTube Channel Updates!

We love sharing our knowledge on YouTube. We give you, our loyal viewers, all of our experience, including not only our successes, but also our failures, in order to help you have a great experience with your pond, whether you are building one, or just appreciating the one you have.


So, we are happy to give you our latest news on The Pond Digger YouTube Channel, about our recent and upcoming videos, and some exciting news on turtle views!

We are pleased to share that one of our first YouTube videos, “Turtle Pond Design” has reached 1 million views. We have produced many videos since Turtle Pond Design, that have more views than it does, but it holds a special place in our heart, and will always be one of our favorites.

We also just released the newest in our “Ponds Gone Wrong” series, “The Real McCoy”. This series will help you understand just how critical seaming your pond correctly is. We will reveal some great secrets in seaming, and some critical mistakes that we don’t want you to make!

On February 13th, we will begin filming a new tutorial on building a waterfall without a pond! This is especially great in homes with small children that don’t want the worry of a pond, or for businesses that want the magical sound of water without the liability of a body of water.

Also, we have great tips and tricks daily on Snapchat, and Periscope. Look for The Pond Digger on both sites to get your daily dose of pond fun! We hope to see you soon on YouTube, SnapChat, and Periscope.


Life is Short, Enjoy Koi!

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How Helix Helps Reduce Algae

waterfallbannerHere at The Pond Digger, we believe in water changes and would like to see a small percentage done weekly. Not a lot; maybe as little as 25 gallons per 1000 gallons of pond water. This accomplishes a ton of beneficial activities in a very short time frame that ultimately give your fish a cleaner, healthier home to live in and reduce the risk of diseases.

The Helix Life Support Filtration equipment help to support that goal. The Helix Waterfall Filters are cleaned by running water out of the pond as they rinse the media out. This equals a water change, and is frequently as much as you need to do to get that weekly percentage that totals 10% water change a month.

Also, when you are performing this filter media rinsing, you are using your pond water, not hose water to accomplish it, so it keeps all your beneficial bacteria from being damaged by the chlorine in your tap water.

The cleaning sends waste water, loaded with emulsified biological waste in the form of fish poop, fish food, and ground up plant materials, directly to your yard where they work as AMAZING fertilizer for your garden, fruit trees, or even your lawn. This same debris left in the pond is what fed the bad algae. By removing the food, you starve out the algae.

The benefits are adding up, right?

Now, this cleaning/water change accomplishes something even more amazing in the pond itself for your fish.

The fish poop, food, leaves, pollen, dust, and any other biological waste in the pond are food for the algae, so removing them means you will have less undesirable algae.

Tap water is loaded with oxygen and a few key elements that have an important job in reducing biological waste in the pond. This is going to get really scientific for just a minute, but bear with me. I’ll be as concise as possible, while still trying to be easy to understand.

Your tap water contains oxygen, calcium, magnesium, often trace amounts of copper to name a few things. All of the elements have a “charge” and each of these I just mentioned actually have a positive charge. Everyone, I’m sure is familiar with the old adage “opposites attract,”

In this particular instance, your pond contains all that biological waste that we talked about earlier. This waste is from, fish poop, food, plants dropping leaves, and fish respiring which produces ammonia. All of these by products have a negative charge. You may see already where I’m going.

When the negative charge from the fish poop (hydrogen sulfide) and the waste created when the fish breathe (ammonia) combines with the positive charge of the fresh oxygen, calcium, and magnesium from the tap water, the bad stuff gets broken down.

There is a really cool chemical reaction that happens and the ammonia and sulfides are literally broken apart at a molecular level, resulting in cleaner water. And that is what we want!!! Fish get happy, water gets clearer, and you have less algae! Its a win/win.

Helix Waterfall filters are designed with built-in air assist cleaning systems to make it easy to do a water change as you are cleaning your filter. The air helps to break apart debris that has been gathered on the filter media and then the rinse cycle washes it out of the filter. This action means you have to replace the poop filled water that you just evacuated and there you have it, a water change, courtesy of Helix Life Support Filtration.

Whether you have an existing pond, or you are about to build a pond, call our headquarters and we will help you get Helix Life Support Filtration on your pond.

Leslie Triplett, The Pond Gal

Epic Waterfall Fail

Waterfall Recipe for DISASTER!

“The low bid could be the most expensive choice.” – Eric Triplett

A person in Santa Paula, California considering a waterfall in his backyard has concerns because a friend of a friend said Waterfalls were a lot of work. This friend of a friend had one and ended up having it removed because it was so a pain!

Please read the following email I just sent him.

NOTE: My Mother isn’t reading our blogs yet and names have been changed to protect the identities of the parties involved! Enjoy………

Hey Carlton,

It’s always hard for me to hear details of failed water features especially from a “friend of a friend”, in a second hand fashion. I don’t tell this to many people, but my Mom is a terrible cook! She couldn’t produce a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies if her life depended on it! Seriously…..

Fact of the matter is: Cookies are good, yummy, and delicious. They make my wife and kids smile just looking at one! They go crazy when they smell a batch of cookies baking at the perfect temperature. Touching a warm cookie fresh out of the oven is even a treat and the taste, ahhh that delicious taste.

It’s amazing how many senses a simple chocolate chip cookie touches. We can all be thankful that even though my Mother is a cookie killer, it hasn’t kept the rest of the population frightened of such a wonderful thing. The Cookie.

Now a Pondless Waterfall on the other hand; Well, 1 bad installation, 1 bad experience, 1 bad contractor deviating from a perfect recipe can produce horrifying results. You can certainly understand how easy it is to destroy a perfectly good thing in the water feature contractor arena.

Just a simple as it is for me to connect you with 1000’s of men, women and children that love chocolate chip cookies, I can literally connect you with 1000’s of people that have Disappearing Waterfalls that couldn’t imagine owning a home without the sound of waterfalls on their property.

I didn’t let my Mother’s poor cooking keep me from the joy’s of eating, much as you shouldn’t let the poor experience of your friend’s friend keep you from the peace and tranquility a properly installed water feature has to offer.

I will hold your hand through all your concerns and can assure you that it is ABSOLUTELY possible to have a beautiful, low maintenance Disappearing Waterfall in your very own yard,, that you will enjoy for years and years.

By the way, our company will travel to Santa Paula, California for new water feature construction. We have tools and will travel!

Touching People’s Lives With Water,

Eric Triplett
The Pond Digger

New Year’s Resolutions for Pond People

It’s hard to believe that we are once again approaching the grand finale, of yet, another action packed year.  With the end of the year on us we are faced with figuring out a few good New Year’s Resolutions to challenge ourselves, impress our peers and to become a better, well rounded person that makes a difference in our lives, our children and the community we live in.

We’d like to offer a twist on a couple of the typical New Year’s resolutions!


No, I don’t think YOU need to loose any weight, but I do believe that most pond enthusiasts could use a little guidance when it comes to feeding their fish.  A simple saying we have “Out in the Field” is “Feed your fish not your pond”!  Here are a couple of rules for your consideration.

1)    You can feed you fish as much as they can consume in a single three to five minute feeding.

2)    It is a must to feed your fish a high carbohydrate food in the spring and fall with wheat germ as the number one ingredient.

3)    Do not feed your fish when the water temperature is below 50 degrees and you can bulk them up in the summer months, using a growth or color enhancing food that features fish meal as the number one ingredient.

Learn To Speak Another Language

Learning a new language is always a crowd-pleasing resolution.  We’d like to challenge all you PONDERS to learn some Japanese, or at least enough Japanese words to talk “koi fish.” Here is a couple of words to stimulate you.

  • 1) Kohaku – (koh HAH koo) Is a white fish with red markings.
  • 2) Sanke – (SAHN keh) Is a white fish with red and black markings.
  • 3) Ogan – (OH gahn) Is a solid colored koi fish.
  • 4) Showa – (SHOH wah) a jet-black fish with red and white markings; is one of my personal favorites.

Pond Tours

If you’ve never been to a pond tour then it’s time to get involved!  You can find a pond tour, Parade of Ponds, Moonlight Pond Tour, Desert Pond Tour, 365 Pond Tour, Pond Walk, day or night, three hundred and sixty five days a year!

Get involved by either going on a tour or better yet, have your own pond showcased on a pond tour. The Pond Digger Team will be hosting a monthly Pond Tour the Third Saturday of the month from MARCH THRU NOVEMBER! Keep in touch for details!

Seasonal Maintenance

In March & October it is important that you get down and dirty yourself or hire a pond specialist to clean out your filters, trim back any aquatic plants that have dominated your pond over the summer and just do some simple routine maintenance to prepare your water feature for the winter.

There are even pond cleaning seminars that are at your fingertips for the do-it-yourselfers out there.  The problem I see is that since most ponds look outstanding these times of year and most people say, “Why fix it, if it ain’t broke”?  Look at it as preventative maintenance.  Just a little seasonal maintenance can prevent lots of algae problems that could otherwise occur if neglected when the time is right.

And if your pond doesn’t look outstanding then you should have a professional take a look at your pond to help put you back on track. The Pond Digger team offers a wide variety of maintenance programs including – Quarterly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly & Weekly! Call our headquarters if you are interested in routine maintenance.


It should be mandatory that you commit, to protect your prized pond fish from certain pathogens that could wipe out your entire collection!  The most likely way for your fish to be introduced to an undesirable pathogen is by the introduction of new fish.

Do your homework and either purchase your fish from a reputable fish retailer that specializes in Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) pond fish or plan on quarantining each and every fish that you put into your pond!

You should even quarantine your aquatic plants and mosquito fish before introducing them into your show pond. The Pond Digger Headquarters specializes in SPF koi and goldfish. Call our Headquarters for details or stop in and see us!

Stop to smell Roses (or Lotus)

In today’s busy, high tech, mobile phone congested lifestyle it seems that people are caught up in the workday longer than ever.  Don’t get so caught up that you don’t “Stop to smell the Roses.”

I too, sometimes find myself getting home late so I have planted star jasmine next to my pond that not only smells wonderful but also shows up nicely under a clear moonlit sky.  I also have a couple of Angel’s Trumpet Trees planted next to my water feature that blooms like crazy most of the year.

For an added bonus the Angels’ Trumpet has an evening fragrance that I can smell as soon as I step out of my truck when I get home from work each day. Most importantly if you have never planted a Lotus next to your pond, I highly recommend it! The fragrance that a lovely LOTUS plant gives off is quite amazing!

Get A Second Opinion

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran pond enthusiast or still green behind the ears, I highly recommend that you have a pond professional have a look at your pond for an evaluation.

The Pond Digger team offers FREE 10 POINT POND INSPECTIONS where we have an experience Pond Tech check everything you want to know and everything you don’t want to know about your pond! We’ve literally saved our clients thousands of dollars over the years. Think of it like as a CHECK UP for your pond!

Near or far we can help. We schedule FREE ON-SITE Consultations 30 miles from our base camp in Yucaipa, Ca. For all our clients outside the 30-mile radius we can still help you with a FREE CONSULTATION via the Internet!

Email to schedule FREE POND INSPECTION!


Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy New Year.

Eric Triplett

The Pond Digger

The Pond Digger Team Rocks Christmas Parade

The Pond Digger Rocks

The Pond Digger Rocks

Merry Christmas from The Pond Digger Team! We won first place in the Redlands Christmas Parade for Commercial Float! If you didn’t get a chance to see us live, in-person check out this video!

I guarantee it will make you giggle and shake your head! Enjoy!

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