EP99: The Transition from Aquariums to Ponds w/ Ha Y N Fish Keeper

Today’s guest is Mel, also known as the “Ha Y N Fish Keeper.” Mel is a fish keeping enthusiast who acquired so many aquariums in his home, that he eventually had to move his fish to ponds. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Being infatuated with aquariums since childhood
  • How Mel got inspired to create a pond in his backyard
  • Deciding to go balls to the wall when creating the pond 
  • Trying to manage family life, career, and the passion for ponds
  • The Ying Yang between his coaching career and building ponds
  • Mel’s “fanboy” moment when he met Eric the first time
  • Going viral online and getting sponsored
  • Their passion for mountain biking
  • Fighting imposter syndrome and inspiring others


Mel’s Instagram: haynfishkeeper

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