EP100: Building With Stone w/ Stone Bear Mason

Today’s guest is Bryce Hollingsworth, also known as “Stone Bear Mason.” Bryce is a stone worker who is dedicated to preserving the art of dry stone walling. This guy eats, breathes, and lives stone building. Bryce explains why you have to be obsessed with this type of work if you are going to do it.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Putting time and energy into the craft first, and social media second
  • Being intentional about maintaining good health while doing this type of work
  • The tools Bryce uses as a stone worker
  • How he became interested in this type of work
  • Civilization’s long history of building walls without mortar
  • Restoring walls over 300 years old
  • Why it’s important to build by eye without levels or strings
  • The best way to start learning stone masonry
  • Pricing appropriately for the brutal work you do


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