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Give Us Less Than A Week And We Can Transform Your Ordinary Backyard Into The Tropical Waterscapes Paradise Getaway, You’ve Always Wanted. Except, You Don’t Have To Get On A Plane, or Fight Your Way Through Crowds To Get To IT.

All You Have To Do Is Open You’re Backdoor
And Bingo… You’re RIGHT THERE! A beautiful water garden including a waterfall right there in your very own backyard!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are The Pond Diggers, artists if you will. Not the kind that works with a canvas and colorful oil paints… but, rather waterscapes, backyard waterfalls, we’re Waterscape Designs – artists. Specifically, our specialty is taking ordinary plain looking backyards… and transforming them into beautiful tropical waterscapes paradises.

Sounds impossible?

Not really, when you understand the secret.


Imagine Backyard Waterfalls

Imagine if you will that you’ve come home after a long hard day at work. This one has been harder than usual. Nothing seemed to go right. Disaster was abounding throughout the day. Now you’ve reached your home. You just walked through the door. Normally, you would head for a couch, the bed, or that nice comfortable easy chair.

However, this time you keep walking to your backyard. You’re headed for your sanctuary. Your own place of quiet. Your own little chunk of mother nature. This is your paradise. There’s a Water Garden here. Beautiful clean, clear, crisp water. So clear in fact, you can see all the way to the bottom.

There are fish dancing and darting around through the waterscape between water lilies and the other aquatic plants. They seem to almost welcome you with open arms. There’s also a waterfall here in your backyard. It plays a rhythmic and melodic tune as it constantly re-circulates the water that’s constantly passing through it.

You look at the rocks, the pebbles, and the stones. You think to yourself, I can’t believe that I own something this beautiful. I can’t believe it‘s waiting here just for me.

In addition to the strenuous workday, it has also been unbearably hot. So, you take your shoes off and plunge your feet into the cool refreshing water. Aaaaaah, that feels so good. You can feel the cool energy from the Water Garden as it sucks every bit on tension out of you.

Your feet dangle in the waterscape as the cool stream refreshes you. It revitalizes you. It takes you back to a time when you were safe, and secure, and someone else took care of all your problems.

As dark approaches, the underwater lights automatically kick on. Perhaps, your spouse has now arrived, and they come out to join you. They may have even prepared you a cool refreshing drink.

The kids are playing right beside you, totally fascinated with the Water Garden Design, the waterfall and all the abundance of life therein.

As you rise to go into the house, you think to yourself, “this is so right”. You’d love to stay here another hour, but you know there are other things you have to do. But that’s ok, because tomorrow is another day. And your water garden tropical paradise will be sitting right here waiting for you. Begging you to return to its peace, its comfort, and its tranquility.

This is your own little heaven that’s custom made, just for you.


We are Water Garden Design Experts

We specialize in creating waterscape designs like the one just described to you in this story. We go out to people’s homes, interview them, survey their backyards, and then design a custom made Water Garden that’s just right for them.

When we said earlier that we are nature artists, we weren’t kidding. The work that we do is akin to Davinci painting the “Mona Lisa”, or rather Michelangelo, sculpting the statue of David. We actually take your plain backyard and sculpt it to a waterscapes paradise that’s comfortable for you.

Each Water Garden Design is different, because each person’s needs are different. The waterscape designs that we do for Mrs. Jones, might look nothing like the waterscape designs we do for Mrs. Peterson. Each of our clients gets a design that’s custom tailored to their needs, wants, and desires.


What characteristics Do These Waterscape Designs Have In Common

Even though, each backyard is unique, we always include the following elements:
“A Beautiful Backyard Waterfall” We love designing backyard waterfalls. They’re just like snowflakes; no two are exactly the same. Some are high, some are low, some have large rocks, some have small ones, some have ledges andit all depends on the design.

“Clean, Crystal Clear Water” We love water, and it’s kind of a prerequisite if you have a waterfall. But, we don’t settle for just any kind of waterfalls. We build each one of these tropical waterscape designs so that the water is clean and clear. You can see all the way to the bottom. We won’t stand for any of that pea-green soup stuff that you may have seen with other Water Garden Designs and backyard waterfalls. This is supposed to be paradise after all. You wouldn’t expect cruddy looking water in paradise, now would you? And you won’t see any crud in our Waterscape Designs either.

“Colorful Koi Fish” Next to water, there’s only one thing we like as much, and that’s kKi fish. Especially colorful Koi fish. If you think dogs are man’s best friend, then you have never gotten to know a Koi fish. Now we’re not talking about those little goldfish that swim in a little glass aquarium. We’re talking about big KOI, and goldfish that are twelve to twenty-four inches long. You can get to know them just like Spot, Rover, or Mr. Jingles. Every customer we know has named their fish, and they play with them just like any other pet (except they have to stay in the water). Did you know that Koi fish can live up to 100 years? You may have to put your koi in your will.

Another interesting creature we like is the aquatic turtle. Although, we don’t think they are a fun as the fish, they can also bring enjoyment as well. Frogs, toads, and mosquito loving dragonflies all play a role in a Water Garden Design as well. And as for the mosquitoes, they’re no problem because the larvae is either eaten by the Koi fish (who consider them a delicacy) or sucked into the skimmer and drowned. “Water lilies and terrestrial plants” We believe plants and flowers add a special beauty to any of our waterscape designs. After all, a paradise is not a paradise if it doesn’t have beautiful greenery and colorful flowers. We like it lush, and we like it green, so we always suggest plenty of both.

“Pebbles, Rocks, and Boulders” Pebbles, rocks and boulders also add to the beauty of the mix. They are important keys to creating that paradise look. Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small, but they are always in abundance in all of our backyard waterfalls and water garden designs.

Well, there you have it. Those are all the basics. However, even though those are the core elements, no two waterscape designs are ever the same. Some are big, some are small, some are narrow, some are long. Each Water Garden Design and Backyard Waterfall is unique to the customer and their surroundings.


Benefits Of Your Own Private WATER GARDEN DESIGN

DragonflyNow that we’ve looked at some of the core features of our waterscapes, let’s look at some of the benefits of owning your own water garden design.

1. It adds beauty to your backyard. Paradises are beautiful, and they can improve the look of a backyard a thousand percent. We’ve created waterscape designs in plain, sometimes almost barren backyards. We mean these places were absolute eyesores. However, once we designed a new paradise… they instantly became works of art. We’re not sure if we work harder because they were so ugly… or if its just because it was ugly to start off with, but ugly yards often ends up being the most beautiful.

2. It increases the value of your home. It’s nice to know that your investment in a waterscape design does not go without a financial reward. We’ve heard stories of Water Gardens adding $10,000.00 or more to the value of a home. Now, don’t hold us to it, because we’re no real estate brokers, but our customers have told us their property values increased quite a bit with the new water garden addition.

3. It increases the salability of your home. Now you have to figure that if you fall in love with your paradise, then other people will too. Once again, we have had customers tell us that when they sold their house, the thing that clinched the deal was the paradise and their backyard waterfall. Once, the potential buyer saw the waterscape design, the seller could practically name their price.

4. Makes friends, relatives, and neighbors extremely jealous and green with envy. If you want to be the envy of your friends, relatives or neighbors, just throw a party and let them have a look at the backyard waterfall paradise. You’ll not only be the talk of the night, but you could be the talk of the town. Let us tell you what happens soon after your friends, relatives, and neighbors see your paradise. They soon want one for themselves. Now, you can chose to be nice and give them our name (which we much appreciate), or you can be a little stinker and let them squirm. The choice is up to you.

5. It’s Easy to maintain. The nicest thing about the waterscapes we build is that they are very easy to maintain. Forget those stories that you may have heard from other people… complaining of the water garden maintenance nightmare… that they have to endure in order to maintain their waterscapes. With our water garden design system, you only have to empty a net… every week or so depending on how many leaves or other debris you have falling in. You will hardly even get your hands dirty.

6. Cuts down on travel cost. No longer do you have to get on a plane to escape to paradise, it’s right in your own backyard. So, you don’t need to plan any tropical vacation. Of course, there are plenty of other scenic places to vacation. I must warn you, once you get your own little waterscapes paradise… you may just want to vacation at home. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

7. You can use it every day. One of the nicest things about having your very own paradise is that you can use it every day. Every day becomes something special. Every day is a chance to get away from it all. Incredibly this creates a new dynamic in relaxation… that we are going to talk about in the next point.

8. Soothes even the most savage beast. Now here’s a real interesting fact about spending an extended amount of time in paradise. Several customers have told us that they no longer have problems with anger… since they’ve been spending time in their paradise everyday. Again, we’re just waterscape design artists, not a psychologist… so we’re only passing on what our customers have told us. We’ve heard this fact more than once. One guy told us he was on the brink of having a heart attack before we installed his water garden. He said he had a violent temper and he was always getting mad. Now, he says, he’s as calm as a cucumber. Things just don’t bother him like they use to. We’ve also had two other wives tell us the exact same thing. They have noticed a remarkable calmness in their husbands after they started spending time in the waterscape paradises we designed for them.

9. Improves Relationship. We know you’re going to be shaking your head at this one, but we’re telling you the truth here. We have several customers, and we don’t just mean two or three… we’re talking at least a dozen… who have told us flat out that their relationship improved after a water garden paradise had been installed in their yard. Yes, we know this sound like a stretch, but here us out. What we have heard is that apparently getting away from TV, the computer, the internet, the satellite dish, and rented movies causes couples to spend time talking and getting to know each other as they sit by their waterscapes.

As a matter of fact, we were laughing with someone else the other day, and we were saying… “There must be magic in those underwater lights”. We’ve just heard too many stories of couples renewing their relationships… once they start spending time in next to their waterscape designs. Now, you take that as you may… but don’t be surprised if you don’t find you and your spouse doing some moonlight hand holding by your water garden. It has happened more than once.

10. Gets kids out of the house. When we we’re growing up, there weren’t a lot of temptations to stay in the house. Nowadays kids have so many options that…you can’t pry them out of the house with a crowbar. There’s TV, computer games, cable, satellite, DVD, you name it. A kid can stay entertained for years in their house now. Except when there’s a Water Garden around! Kids love water and they will be fascinated with your waterscape. We’ve seen kids fascinated for hours around a Water Garden. Whether it’s watching the water flow over the waterfalls… or seeing the fish dart about, or watching the turtle stomp around… it’s fascinating. Don’t be surprised if you’re kicking them out of your paradise and sending them into the house.

11. Gives you a place of sanctuary. At the beginning of this special report, we told you about the person coming home and heading for their paradise in the backyard. We tell that story because we have customers that tell me that story all the time. Whereas they use to come home… and plop down on the couch… they now head straight to the backyard. Your paradise is a sanctuary. A place to unwind. A place to relax and call your own. That’s a true sanctuary.

12. Saves Time From Cutting The Grass. With your new found waterscape paradise… you’ll have more time to enjoy it… because you can say “Good Bye” to some of your lawn mowing time. Because your Water Garden takes up space, there’ll be less space for the grass to grow. Less grass means less mowing… which means more time to enjoy your water garden.

13. It’s Ecological. For those of you who are big ecology fans… you’ll be happy to know that your new place of paradise is… very ecologically friendly. The waterscape designs ecosystem we use is totally balanced and in total harmony with Mother Nature. In fact, that’s one of the secrets we use to get the water crystal clear. Because the system is in perfect balance… you don’t have to worry about looking into a pea-green soup sludge factory. The system is practically self-cleaning. All you have to do is empty a net, once a week or so. Maybe a little more often depending on how many falling leaves and debris you have. When you work with Mother Nature… and not against her… then maintenance is not a problem. Don’t be surprised if you see some birds hanging around your water garden, taking a bath in the backyard waterfall.

14. You can always improve it. We have many customers who constantly improve their waterscape paradises. In fact, a common thing is to build it one size, and then bring us back out again to make it bigger. You see, no matter how much our pond designers try to convince someone that this is paradise… it really is paradise… there’s always some skepticism. Then once, they start enjoying it, they want more of it. They allocate more space for it. It gets bigger and bigger. Sometimes, it takes up the whole yard. But, that ok, people are loving every inch of it.

15. It’s a good reason to stay home. With the tragedy of 911 and the threat of war all around us, a lot of people are reluctant to travel… especially on an airplane. Well, having your very own waterscape paradise is a good reason to stay at home. Really, if paradise is right there, then why bother to leave. Yes, we know it’s not quite the same as Hawaii… but Hawaii is a five hour plane ride from here in California. Your waterscape paradise is right in your own backyard.


Common Questions About Water Gardens

Duck in Pond

Before we go any further, we want to go over some common questions that we get all the time.

Q: Will I have to feed and take care of the fish?

A: The Water Gardens that we install… are all ecologically balanced systems. Just like in Mother Nature, you won’t have to care or take care of the fish… in my system you don’t have to either. Koi eat plants. Yes, that’s right… plants. And since your paradise is filled with plants… your Koi have a ready-made source of food, all around them. If you should desire to feed them, there are Koi food pellets that you can give them. It is an enjoyable experience to feed the fish. They’ll actually eat right out of your hand. Be careful though, not to over feed them – that’s the biggest fish problem there is.

Q: Will raccoons or other animals eat my fish?

A: As long as your Water Garden is at least two feet deep and eight feet wide with hiding room, your fish should be safe. There are several predator control products available on the market today that keep these predators at bay. A motion sensor water sprinkler device is a great way to control raccoons and herons.

Q: Will this water garden attract mosquitoes?

A: Mosquitoes breed only in stagnant water. With our Water gardens, the water is constantly moving. It is constantly recycling itself and being filtered. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on top of the water in a floating nest. It almost like a boat filled with eggs. Our recycling system sucks in the eggs and the mosquito larvas are drowned. Yes, the fish do consider the larvae a delicacy.

Q: I’ve had a swimming pool and a hot tube before, and those things are a maintenance nightmare. You have to constantly keep things balanced and check chemical levels. You are also forever cleaning them and pouring in chemicals. Is your so-called paradise just as much work?

A: No, not at all. We will be the first to agree with you that pools and hot tubes are maintenance nightmares. We know several people who complained that they do nothing but maintain their pool or hot tub. They have to constantly check the water and then add chemicals. With pools, they must be cleaned on an almost daily basis. Well, the reason that these environments need such high maintenance… is because they work against Mother Nature. They are just chemical baths… and they must constantly be checked and balanced. You can’t have too much of this… or too little of that… or you’re going to need some more of this. It’s an endless cycle that gets tiresome quickly. With our waterscape paradise environments, you won’t have that problem.

Our Water Garden Designs work totally with Mother Nature. We don’t work against her. In fact, we use her to our advantage. We make her work for me. When you go on vacation to the Caribbean, you don’t see dark cloudy water do you? Of course not. The water is crystal clear, as it should be. Well, that’s just what you’ll see in our waterscape design paradise creations. The water stays crystal clear. You can see all the way to the bottom. That’s the way Mother Nature intended.

Q: How deep are these paradises of yours? Do I need to put a fence around it so that children won’t fall in?

A: The Water Gardens we design are normally no deeper than 24″. This is normally in the middle and it’s designed that way to help protect the fish. So, basically at its deepest, your Water Garden is no deeper than 2′. While that depth would not really pose a danger to anyone over 7 years old, it is always good not to leave small children unattended. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And in most locations fences are not required for anything two feet deep or less.

Q: Will this paradise require a lot of water?

A: You will of course need a good amount of water to fill your water garden the first time. You basically have to add a little water periodically…due to normal evaporation. Because this is a filtered naturally organic system… a properly installed Water Garden requires less water than the same square footage of grass.


How Much Will This Waterscape Design Cost?

We wish we could just give you a certain dollar figure, but that’s almost impossible. Since almost every waterscape paradise is custom designed for a customer, it’s impossible to give an exact dollar figure. However, we can tell you that the paradises we design start from $5,000.00 on up.

The “on up” part depends on what your idea of paradise is. Most of the water gardens we design are pretty standard, and they end up being around $8,000. We do have some more extravagant customers who go well beyond $15,000 to $20,000.

We should mention again, that no matter where our customers start out… they normally want to expand the size of their Water Gardens after a year or two. Why? Because they generally find that the Water Gardens… really are paradises. So they want to enjoy them even more. They make them bigger, longer, and more elaborate.

If you don’t have the money for a Water Garden… you don’t have to pay for it all at once. Once, you decide to go ahead… you only have to pay 10 percent up front. Usually one-third is due upon start up and no more… until your waterscape design is completed.

If you were shocked by the price of our paradises, you should keep in mind the cost of a Caribbean vacation or a trip to Hawaii. Those can cost $5,000 to $10,000 and they only last a short time. After about a week… you’re back home enduring the same old grind… that you were trying to escape from… which is why you went on vacation in the first place.

All you have to show for you many thousands of dollars on your vacation is some memories… and a few photos… Big deal. Wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in something of your own… that you can access any time you want? Wouldn’t you rather make use of your paradise everyday… rather than one week out of the year? Does that make sense?

And have you priced a hot tub recently. Check it out and you’ll discover that on the average they are running in the neighborhood of $7500 to $8000…for a bloomin’ hot tub that, after the first couple months gets most its use from cleaning, not from bathing.

Remember, the reason why you bought your house in the first place? You were tired of renting your future… and you wanted ownership… and the ability to design your house. Well, why continue to just RENT your vacations. Why not invest in them? Why continually keep paying for only a week’s worth of enjoyment.

You can enjoy your Water Garden every day. Everyday when you come home from work… it’s sitting there waiting for you. It’s your sanctuary. It’s your place of refuse. It’s your own private getaway. Don’t you deserve more than just a week long vacation? If you skipped just two vacations, your paradise would be paid for. Yes, that’s right, just the cost of two vacations you pay for your paradise. That’s two weeks of enjoyment traded for a lifetime of daily pleasure.

The choice is up to you.

You can feel free to call our pond construction headquarters to talk to our staff. They are not sales people, so you don’t have to worry about being pressured to buy. We get tons of referrals from our other customers, so we don’t have to be pushy. Our feeling is, either you want to have a waterscape paradise or you don’t. It’s your decision.

-The Pond Diggers