EP 110: Atlantis Water Gardens w/ Jaak Harju

Today’s guest is Jaak Harju. Jaak established his business, Atlantis Water Gardens, while balancing a full-time job as a union heavy equipment operator and eventually devoted himself solely to the business. Jaak shares some marketing strategies and what’s working and not working for him.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Jaak’s experience doing travel projects for Atlantis
  • The market for water features and ponds is still underserved and has a lot of growth opportunities
  • Local marketing strategies to promote your business
  • The impact of your home life on your business
  • The need to balance the costs and benefits of marketing projects
  • The long-term benefits of marketing investments, such as evergreen marketing
  • Jaak’s experience working on a project with Shaq and releasing a Youtube video about it
  • The significance of a supportive spouse for the success of your business
  • The importance of knowing your numbers and bidding projects correctly
  • Utilizing YouTube for evergreen marketing of your business
  • The role of team building in the pond construction industry


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