EP 108: Communicating With Body Language w/ Heather K. Story

Today’s guest is Heather K. Story. Heather is an executive coach who specializes in the transformation of businesses. Heather explains why it is so important for contractors to understand body language, when interacting with clients and employees.

In this episode, we talk about…How getting some exposure to the science of body language can be a game changer Chemically preparing yourself to be in your best state – mentally, emotionally, physically Addressing the elephant in the room with potential clients Why Heather believes you should be picky when choosing your clients Recovering from a bad first impression – It’s almost impossible to do Building rapport by mirroring others and being authentic The number one thing that will “make or break” any relationship Developing the ability to sense what is going on around you Posture, hand gestures, and foot placement The pros and cons of labeling people based on their personality type.

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