EP103: Zero to 2 million In 24 Months w/ Luan Nguyen

Today’s guest is Luan Nguyen. He went from working in casinos, to becoming a contractor. He is now the founder of a very successful deck building company. Luan Nguyen shares his secrets to success. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The transition from working in the casino industry to becoming a contractor
  • What forced Luan to get off the tools and start running other areas of his business
  • How focusing on your marketing will take you out of desperation mode
  • Maximizing the word-of-mouth marketing
  • Why investing in yourself is a necessary step to scaling your business
  • Not beating yourself up over the mistakes you make
  • The 3 types of people you need to have in your life
  • Making your decisions based on your core values


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