EP07 Do You Know The Speed Limits in Your Pond?

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Pond Digger Podcast with your host, Eric Triplett!  Eric is known as the pond digger, an extremely passionate and committed water feature contractor and specialist.  In the Pond Digger Podcast, he shares his experiences as a water feature contractor that will help both DIY pond builders and fellow contractors alike.

Did you know that your pond is managed by components that all have their own unique speed limit?  In this episode, Eric talks about the pieces in your pond that have a speed limit, and how they play a factor in its efficiency.  The better you understand your ponds speed limits, the better your pond will perform.

Eric speaks about:

  • How to honor your speed limits
  • General spillway filter ratings
  • UV Filters and pipe diameters
  • The side effects of going too fast or too slow with your pond’s skimmer
  • Shopping online and the difficulties of not having an expert to refer to
  • Turnover rates of a pond
  • Bottom drains and gravity flow

The sooner you understand the speed limits of your pond, the better you can understand how your pond functions.  Find clarity in how your pond works, and you can help your pond to work more effectively. Do you know your pond speed limits?