Annual Pond Calendar

Annual Pond Calendar 2023

A calendared set of tasks to keep your pond looking amazing!

1st – Resolve to spend more time relaxing by your pond this year!

2nd – Groundhog Day- did he say you can do your spring spruce in March or April?
12th– Super Bowl Sunday Have your super bowl party by the pond
14th – Valentines Day – get bleeding hearts to put around the pond! Lamprocapnos spectabilis. You’ll thank me later (zone sensitive)

1st – Check water temp.. Can you feed yet? (Shop Thermometers Here)
5th – Mardi Gras- enjoy your favorite beverage by the pond
15th – Soonest date to perform complete spring cleaning if your pond requires it Weather decides –
Replace light bulbs or install new lighting system now, while water is low (Find lights here)
Repot and thin all pond plants

April – Herons are migrating. Watch your fish!
1st – Don’t be foolish, eat dinner by your pond today!
6th – Earliest time to begin adding seasonal plants like hyacinth (zone sensitive)
13th – Start fertilizing lilies and lotus
15th – Income tax day – treat yourself to an evening relaxing by the pond
20th – Suction Grid – add the heavy spring dose of beneficial bacteria and turn the suction flow mostly to the grid for about a week (Check out our Bacteria!)
21st – Add some beautiful aquatic calla lilies to your pond
22nd – Earth day – plant some bushes designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your pond
28th– Arbor Day – plant a dwarf tree by the pond- red maples are my fav!

5th – Replace your UV bulb, or UV system if needed (We carry UV supplies!)
11th – Add new plants now for best results this summer
14th – Spend time with your favorite mom!
15th – Fertilize lilies and lotus
29th – Memorial Day – thank a veteran for their service
30th – Last date to perform spring cleaning if your pond needs it

1st. – Have a backup aerator on hand for hottest part of the year, in case of power outage (Find Aerators here)
7th – Trim your pond plants just enough to set the pattern for growth this season
15th – Fertilize lilies and lotus
18th– Spend time with #1 Dad

4th – Independence Day – set up the barbecue by the pond
15th – Fertilize lilies and lotus
Suction grid – add the mid season heavy dose of bacteria. Turn suction flow mostly to grid for about a week (Check out our Super Strength Bacteria!)
30th – Trim back the fastest growing plants, and check pond edges for roots trying to reach over

1st – Bogs – Trim and thin plants for fastest growing during the warm weather
15th – Fertilize lilies and lotus

4th- Labor Day – have a barbecue by the pond
15th – Fertilize lilies and lotus
Prepare for winterization – watch local weather
20th – Net pond for leaves if necessary
Herons are migrating! Watch your fish!
25th – Those cool nights are calling your name! Plant white flowers around the pond. The white blooms reflect light, brightening up your pond for night time enjoyment

1st – Begin fall prep – trim back plants, clean filters, last dose of Beneficial Bacteria
Suction Grid – add the heavy fall dose of beneficial bacteria before winter (Check out our Bacteria!)
Bogs – trim back and thin your bog plants for winter. Thinning gives them room to grow next year, which allows them to eat more debris

11th – Veteran’s Day – thank a vet for their service
11th – The Pond Digger’s birthday
23rd – Thanksgiving – give your fish some fresh frozen peas as a treat. They will love you for it

7th – Pearl Harbor- do something for a veteran because you can
25th – Merry Christmas! Give your pond the gift of some extra beneficial bacteria. (Check out our Cold Temperature Bacteria!)
31st – Stay Safe tonight

Weekly tasks –
Pick a day of the week that makes sense for you, and add these tasks to your calendar!

Clean skimmer
Add Beneficial bacteria
Small water change (add Dechlor!)
Clean pressure filter

Always check
These tasks are something you should just peek at while you’re feeding the fish, or walking by the pond to make sure everything stays in good working order

Pump is flowing well
Autofill is shutting off (failure to shut off is an indication of a leak)
Plants in stream or waterfall for roots reaching out of pond (can cause leak)

Important equipment checks to do 2-3 times a year
Air pump diaphragms and filters
Mag drive pump impellers
Inside of skimmer for build up on the bottom
Check to make sure your UV light is working