EP06 How I Used Pessimism To Grow My Business

Welcome to the sixth episode of the Pond Digger Podcast with your host, Eric Triplett!  Eric is known as the pond digger, an extremely passionate and committed water feature contractor and specialist.  In the Pond Digger Podcast, he will be sharing his experiences as a water feature contractor that will help both DIY pond builders and fellow contractors alike.

In this episode, Eric shares how he used pessimism to grow his business and become of the most sought-after aquatic specialists in southern California.  Eric brings you back 25 years and introduces you to a business partner and friend who saw the worst in everything. Listen as the Pond Digger shares how viewing everything through a pessimistic lens can play a positive part in your business.

Eric explains…

  • How and why he became friends with such a pessimistic person
  • The passion they both shared
  • Why being pessimistic made him incredibly good at keeping fish
  • How a negative outlook on life made him see problems to be solved
  • The importance of having someone inspect your pond annually
  • Turning problems into solutions
  • The story behind the Helix Pond Skimmer

Sometimes it can be useful to look at things with a pessimistic outlook, but make sure to transform those negatives into a positive by creating a solution.  Keep an open mind, look for problems with a positive mindset, and most importantly take action on the problems that you find.