EP05 Productivity Matrix – Job Site Time Management

Welcome pond aficionados and pond freaks to the fifth episode of Pond Digger with your host,  Eric Triplett! Eric is known as the pond digger, an extremely passionate and committed water feature contractor and specialist.   In the Pond Digger Podcast, he will be sharing his experiences as a water feature contractor that will help both DIY pond builders and fellow contractors alike.

In this episode, Eric explains his productivity matrix for job site time management, and the importance of his entire crew to fully understand it.  After working in the business for over two decades, he has learned the optimal production times, and the times where it is realistically going to be a little slower.   

Listen in as Eric shares:

  • The entire break down of a day’s time matrix
  • The 3 important times to be crushing it
  • Honoring those crush it times
  • The “buffer times” of getting set up, and getting back into full production mode
  • Personal stories of realizing that his crew didn’t understand the time matrix
  • The efficiency created when your whole crew is in production mode
  • The production lessening towards the end of the day

In the water feature industry, Eric literally touches people’s lives with water.  If you found the content of this podcast interesting or exciting, please head over to iTunes and rate and review this episode! We hope you dig ponds as much as the Pond Digger.