EP02 #1 Pond Pro Tip To Transform Your Koi

Hey, pond freaks! Eric is back to splash you in the face with another pond pro tip. This episode is all about the water! Eric shares his philosophy on water ecosystem management and how to keep clarity in your pond.

In the Pond Digger Podcast, he will be sharing his experiences as a water feature contractor that will help both DIY pond builders and fellow contractors alike.

In this episode Eric shares:

  • Why the water is important
  • How to get bigger fish in your pond
  • How to control algae and disease in your pond
  • Why most pond problems are traced back to water management

In the water feature industry, Eric literally touches people’s lives with water.  If you found the content of this podcast interesting or exciting, please head over to iTunes and rate and review this episode! We hope you dig ponds as much as the Pond Digger.




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