Pondless Waterfalls

Disappearing pondless waterfall

Pondless? Okay what’s a pondless waterfall you ask? As simple as it seems and exactly what it sounds like, a waterfall minus the pond – pondless. Who’d a thunk it! Our pond installation crew was submerged in pond and waterfall construction so heavily, the thought never crossed our minds and now this pondless waterfall phenomenon is 30% of our construction installations.

A beautiful natural looking waterfall, cascading pondless over natural rock and boulders, meandering down a small stream over natural gravel, making it’s final descent over a flat stone that creates a wonderful sheet of water, disappearing pondlessly into a bed of ornamental gravel. Pondless – Now that’s what I’m talking about.

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Now that you know what a disappearing pondless waterfall is, the big question is clear, what do I need to do to get one? First thing is first. Professional Pondless Installation or Do-it-Yourself Installation? While you consider the thought let us continue on with the topic.

Backyard WaterfallWe’re not gonna lie; when the concept of a waterfall without a pond was first presented to us, being fish fanatics we thought; Why would you want to do that, where will you keep your fish? After we shelved our passion for fish long enough to take it all in, the possibilities for a watergarden at every turn became possible. Now of course we are visionaries, so just imagine with us, a waterfall in every backyard, front yard, side yard, school, business and park!

Why is The disappearing pondless waterfall becoming so popular? Similarly to the sound of music that soothes the mighty King Kong, there is something about the sound of water that transcends people into serenity that just can’t be matched by any other feature in your landscaping.

The sound alone is not the sole reason for the disappearing pondless waterfall increasing popularity. The pondless waterfall is not only more cost effective than a pond, but the it eliminates liability, so put one in your front yard! The disappearing pondless waterfall is easier to install than a pond, and most importantly, it means less maintenance than, an waterscapes ecosystem pond or lawn.

Lower maintenance than a watergarden ecosystem pond is certainly saying something since, a properly constructed ecosystem pond that includes the 5 essential elements will be easier to maintain that a similarly size plot in lawn, using less water!

While we are on the subject for those of you that don’t know, the 5 essential elements that are needed to create low maintenance water watergarden for fish and plants, but more importantly people are: A biological filter, a skimmer, rocks/gravel, fish and aquatic plants.


Disappearing pondless waterfalls are perfect for people who travel a lot.

Waterfall in a backyard

If you have a vacation home that you visit seasonally, like in Palm Springs, California or Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead in the Mountain communities, and don’t want to worry about fish while you are away traveling but would still love to have the look and sound of a waterfall, then look no further.

We’ve noticed landscape architects are sketching dry creek beds into many of their landscape designs more and more. Imagine all of the once dry creek bed made into live creek beds with this awesome construction concept. This low maintenance pondless design has enabled homeowners wishing to add curb appeal to their homes with a waterscapes minus the liability, with a disappearing pondless waterfall.

Bob Gaunt a Redlands local, pool contractor says, “I struggled with my front yard until I stumbled across the disappearing pondless waterfall concept. I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of my front yard, I just knew I wanted something out of the ordinary; extraordinary!”

Pondless Watergardens, Waterfalls and Ponds For Schools:

Pondless waterfalls can be activated by an electrical switch just like a water fountain. Pondless waterfalls are for more thanjust backyard waterfalls, they are perfect for schools, businesses and those who want a front yard waterscapes, travel frequently or have young families.

Pondless waterfalls are created under Exotic Waterscapes Ponds For Schools program. Students join The Pond Diggers to build a disappearing waterfall in one day. These curriculum-aligned, outdoor classrooms enhance academics by providing hands-on, year-round learning opportunities and are aesthetically pleasing.

According to Mariposa fourth-grade teacher Margee Fuller in Redlands California, who serves as the schools lead garden teacher, “Exotic Waterscapes and The Pond Digger’s backyard waterfalls literally bring our science and California history alive in our studies on ecosystems and the Mission and Gold Rush eras.”


Now, for those of you who want a backyard pondless waterfall or waterscapes, but aren’t sure about a pond, there’s the pondless waterscape. This unique waterscapes system includes the waterfall, stream, rocks and gravel, and aquatic plants — all of which you would normally have with a pond — but without the pond and fish.

It’s called a disappearing pondless waterfall because the water level never pools above the level of the rock and gravel fill, giving it the appearance of a disappearing waterfall and stream. The water is captured in an underground basin, which houses the pump equipment, and is lined and filled with rock and gravel. The pondless pump chamber is strong enough to support 10 adults!

The water is circulated from beneath the rocks and gravel by the concealed submersible pump and travels through an underground pipe to the waterfall, down the stream and empties into the pondless basin.

The pondless waterfall is virtually maintenance-free. It may be set to run on a timer and have an auto-fill to replace evaporated water. There is no ecological need to run the pondless waterfalls energy-efficient waterscapes system continuously, versus a pond, which is a living, breathing ecosystem that needs constant oxygen, just like humans.


Waterfalls & Ponds For Schools

As part of our company’s “Ponds For Schools” program, we’ve created backyard waterfalls but in school court yards, in the form of disappearing pondless waterfalls with Redlands Unified School District students at Cram Elementary in Highland California, Crafton, Lugonia and Mariposa elementary schools in Redlands California, and at Cope Middle School, Moore Middle School & Arrowhead Christian Academy also in Redlands, California.

Exotic Aquatics and The Pond Diggers have also created disappearing pondless waterfalls with students at their respective schools: Grant Elementary in Fontana, California; Magnolia Elementary in Upland, California; Rhodes Elementary in Chino, California; and Butterfield Ranch Elementary School, in Chino Hills, California.