Pond Maintenance

March 31, 2023

How Do You Know If You Need A Spring Cleanout?

How do you know if you need to perform a spring clean out on your pond. The first answer is very simple. If you have a […]
February 23, 2023

Creating The Ultimate Dream Pond

We give a lot of mechanical tips and tricks to help improve water quality and clarity, fish health, and overall cleanliness of your water feature in […]
February 7, 2023

Fall In Love With Your Pond Again

When we see people falling out of love with their pond. It’s so sad!  First they stop bringing it new plants, then they stop bringing home […]
January 27, 2023


This is one topic that gets me super hot under the collar. The main reason is, while some pond newbies may repeat incorrect info to friends […]
December 30, 2022

Annual Pond Calendar Punchlist

Kick off the New Year Right!   It’s that time of year again. Resolutions are like dirty dishes and laundry- piling up with no end in […]
March 5, 2021

Spring Pond Care Essential Tasks Every Pond Needs!!

Understanding Spring Pond Care Spring is jumping on us quick this year! Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the outdoors and all the wonder and […]
February 11, 2021

Pond Calendar Punchlist

POND CALENDAR A calendared set of tasks to keep your pond looking amazing! January 1st – Resolve to spend more time relaxing by your pond this […]
November 20, 2020

As The Pond Turns

As The Pond Turns As the dog days of summer relent, and the cool crisp nights hint at fall’s approach, some things change are going to […]
December 4, 2017


KISS MY POND The Kiss method of engineering has been used in many systems since it’s original debut by Kelly Johnson, lead engineer at Lockheed, regarding […]