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First Thing A Pond Pro Notices When He Sees Your Pond

First Thing A Pond Pro Notices When He Sees Your Pond

So, you know how when the house cleaner is coming over to clean, you pick up the house, or when you drop your car off to the mechanic, you wash it?

What would you do if The Pond Digger was coming to see your pond?  What you believe is bad or dirty may be significantly different than what he notices.

Eric does pond inspections all the time.  Sometimes the owners know they have a particular problem, like the water is so green, you can’t see the fish, or the pump stopped working, or the pond isn’t holding water.  But he also does inspections where the owners just want a “check up”, so to speak.

If you were having Eric stop by to check on your pond, what “house cleaning” would you do before he got there?

Empty your skimmer, clean the leaf trap, wash the filter pads, trim up the plants?

Well, while he will certainly peek at those things, what he is really going to look at is circulation, aeration, population, and Algae but for the sake of the rhyme, let’s say algification.

Those four things are going to tell him a lot about your pond, without lifting a finger to open a pond filter.


Circulation is nearly the be all, end all, of your pond.  

If the water is not moving through the life support and filtration equipment fast enough, and the pond is not turning enough times an hour, we know there will be water quality issues, without even running a test.

Your pond should be turning at least 4-6 times an hour if it is under 2000 gallons, 2 times an hour for 3000-6000 gallons, and at least hourly if larger than that.  Until to get to a pond that is nearly a lake.  Then the game changes.

We also want to avoid dead spots in ponds.  Areas where the water doesn’t move will allow wind blown debris to settle to the bottom of the pond, where it will decay, and create water quality issues.


Aeration is important not only to help get oxygen in the water for the fish, but also to help break down debris in the pond more quickly.

Without getting too high school chemistry on you, the positive ions on the oxygen molecules bond with negatives ions on hydrogen sulfide molecules (rotting debris in the pond molecules) and through a chemical reaction, help to break down the debris.

Aeration can be provided either through air bubbles from an air pump, or from the waterfall pounding on the water, breaking the surface tension, and allowing oxygen to be pulled down into the water.


Fish population is a huge clue about your pond.  If your fish are 5 years old, and still only 6″ long, we know that you have not been doing your water changes, so your water quality is poor even if all the tests say your water is great!

Fish, like people, release pheromones into their environment.  Unlike a person’s environment, in a pond those pheromones can’t blow away on the wind.  

They are trapped in the water like a closed up room traps air.  Think of the smell in a teenage boy’s bedroom!!!!   Unless you do a water change, those pheromones stay put.

Pheromones tell fish a lot of things, but one specific thing they say is, to grow, or not to grow.  If the pheromone level is high, they don’t grow.  So, we know, if your fish aren’t growing, the pheromone level is high, so you haven’t been doing water changes.


Now, this is a pond, not a pool, so we WANT algae.  Yup, you read that right.  Algae in a pond is good.  But, not ALL algae is good.  

A nice layer of algae coating the liner,  rocks and gravel in your pond, is just what the Digger ordered, but if you have chunky, bubbly, algae floating on the surface, a boatload of stringy algae, or so much green algae you can’t see 2″ into your water, there may be something fishy in your set up.  Pun TOTALLY intended.

These types of undesirable algae can indicate poor filtration, too much food, debris build up, proper maintenance failure, low oxygen, and much more.

So, go try to evaluate your pond like Eric would.  Assess your circulation, aeration, population, and algification, get it all in order, and you will be well on your way to celebration!

If you are interested in a personal pond Inspection from The Pond Digger himself, feel free to call and schedule an appointment at 800-522-5043.

Heading into fall is one of the best times of the year to schedule small tune ups on your water feature.

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Life is Short, Enjoy Koi!

Leslie Triplett
The Pond Gal

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Worst Blog Ever!!

Blogs are usually fun for me to write. I often, literally, laugh out loud as I describe some past experiences, or antics of Eric, The Pond Digger. Today, however, is a different story.

As I struggle to write this blog, my emotions get the best of me. I can’t seem to control the tearing in my eyes, and my heart breaks anew, every time I get on FaceBook, or see news coverage of Houston.

The heart wrenching photos plastering my FaceBook wall of Houston refugees are killing me. People huddled in refugee centers, livestock swimming in fields, dogs and cats perched on the roofs of cars and homes, abandoned in the haste of departure, as people flee for their very lives. I saw one video of a small toddler wandering in thigh deep water, ALONE!!!

Shelter, food, and of course water for all living things, is the primary focus. I have seen some amazing people step up and help by opening their retail stores to be refugee centers, private individuals freeing abandoned animals left in flooded fields, houses, and vehicles, and veterinarians donating their time and medicine straight out of their own clinics!

My first response is, “Where can I send money?”??!?!!?!?!! I’m not close enough or capable of helping in any way but financially. I’m sure the same can be said for many of you, but you’re just not sure where to send money.

In today’s jaded society though, the challenge is, who can we send the funding to that will actually go to help victims of the hurricane, and not line pockets of a charity with 6 figure income presidents??????

I tried my best to sort through the crazy number of organizations that are pledging to help Houston. Whether giving to a local charity (local to the disaster) or a national charity, is a personal preference, but the national charities tend to help locally for a shorter time. If I’m trying to help Houston victims, and I want to insure my donation goes directly to them, a local Houston charity is the safest bet. This is what I’ve come up with.

Houston Food Bank

United Way of Greater Houston

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

Houston Humane Society

San Antonio Humane Society

Plus, here are a few honorable mentions that are doing some pretty cool stuff to help people and animals;

Forgotten Horses Rescue

Best Friend’s Animal Society

Brazos Valley Equine out of Navosota Texas
Has been providing free medicine and veterinary care

Jim McIngvale out of Houston Texas-
He’s letting refugees LIVE in his furniture stores!!!! How cool is that?

I’m hoping that last note helps you focus on the people and animals that need help during this traumatic event. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Moonlight Pond Tour Coming Soon!


The Moonlight Pond Tour is coming soon and you don’t want to miss this beautiful weekend. This October, spooky will be in full effect with Jack-o-Lanterns scary enough to give you the heebie-jeebies and the first full moon of the Halloween month to get you ready for a good scare.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at The Pond Digger, so we are kicking it off early and hosting the tour October 10th and 11th. Not only we will be in the Halloween spirit, but we are also excited to show you some exciting new pond creations and help you catch a glimpse of what your backyard could look like with our help!

The tour will be self-guided so that you can view each moonlit feature at your leisure. Each site is enhanced by nightscape lighting that make it difficult to walk away.

Many people on The Pond Digger team were nominated for the ice bucket challenge or donate to ALS. Instead of doing a company ice bucket challenge, we will donate the profits from our Moonlight Pond Tour to ALS research! With your support, we have raised money for countless charities at each of our pond tours and we can do it again!

Come enjoy an evening out and help us raise awareness for ALS! We are excited to see you and together, we can make a difference!

Tickets will be $10 and tour bracelets will be handed out at The Pond Digger headquarters before you begin.

The Pond Digger

31710 Dunlap Blvd, Yucaipa, CA 92399



October 10th & 11th