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4 Power Plants to Make Your Pond Blossom for Spring

4 Power Plants to Make Your Pond Blossom for Spring

Ponds are captivating for so many reasons; the musical splash of the waterfall, the flash of jewel toned fish, the peaceful calm that infuses your soul, and the vibrant colors of the beautiful blooms.

If your pond is a little less vibrant this year, here are a few plants you can add that will brighten your view.

Water lilies are always a hit. From newbie pond enthusiasts to the oldest of seasoned pond pros, everyone loves to see a lily in bloom in the pond. There are a staggering variety of colors, from the most pale, serene white, to astonishing, powder blue, to breath taking blood red. Everyone has their favorite, so make sure to find yours.

To keep that beauty in bloom throughout the summer, make sure to supplement with a high quality fertilizer pellet EVERY MONTH during the growing season.

Aquatic Iris come in many colors, each with a slightly different bloom time, to keep your pond pretty in pink, or purple, or yellow, almost all summer long. Once the blooms fade, and the leaves begin to yellow, cut them back to allow the late bloomers room to shine.

Water Hyacinth can bloom from spring to fall with enough hours of sunlight. They also perform some advantageous maintenance while they grow, consuming waste like no other pond plant does.

If your water is a little murky, an addition of hyacinths can go a long way towards clearing that cloud up, all the while providing you with delicately beautiful, lavender or white blooms to enjoy.

Pickerel, a tall, slender plant with a broad leaf, produces purple or white blooms, that will make you smile. These beautiful plants have enough body to help add lush greenery to your pond, and pleasant blooms to enjoy through the summer.

Last, but never least is the amazing lotus. This plant can get leaves as large as dinner plates, that can tower a staggering SIX feet above your water line, and can produce blooms as large as your your head.

Be diligent about fertilizing as this shocking beauty needs a lot of food to grow leaves and blooms as large as this. Make sure to fertilize every month to get the most out of your lotus. Patience is the key, as the second or third year in your pond really reveals the true production capabilities of this amazing aquatic plant.

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