Come see us at The pond Digger Ranch. We have a beautiful ranch located in Cherry Valley, California that we would love to share with you. 

This five acre ranch houses the headquarters for Helix manufacturing, along with our retail store, Exotic Waterscapes. Our outdoor showroom boasts two sparkling waterfalls, a beautiful 8 x 11 cichlids pond, and a fabulous 9,000 gallon koi pond for you to enjoy. We also have a rock column fountain that the birds simply love to bathe in.

Our plant area has hundreds of aquatic plants to choose from, with the best selection from April to September for summer plants, and November to January for wintertime plants. We can help you choose the perfect plants for your water feature when you are here. 
We also have a koi pavilion where you can select the perfect koi for your pond from hundreds of fish. We have beautiful shubunkin goldfish, and imported koi from Japan, and other countries. In summer we have hi fin sharks, and dojos for your pond. 

Once you have selected the water feature, plants, or koi of your dreams, you can walk around the ranch and meet Penelope, our literary star, Billie Jean, our YouTube star, Nelson, our social media star, and lots of other goats, alpacas, miniature pigs, miniature bulls, horses and miniature horses, chicken, ducks, geese, and more as you stroll around the property.

Be sure to visit our Wildlife Gift Shop. All the proceeds from this shop are used to support Pond Digger Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation, where we rescue hundreds of orphaned and injured wild animals each year. Once rehabilitated, these beautiful creatures are returned to the wild where they belong, to do their part in the ecosystem.