Virtual Pond Tour


We are very proud to offer you, for the first time ever, 360-degree pond photos of our custom made waterscapes on the Internet. Please note: These PondPanoramas™ photos are 1.6 Mb to 3.0 Mb and DSL or cable is required to view these PondPanoramas™ 360-Degree photographs. Click on the images below and wait till the PondPanorama™ is fully loaded.

Once the PondPanorama™ photo is loaded, position your mouse in the center of the image. At this point right click your mouse and while holding the click slowly move your mouse in any direction to navigate around the 360-degree photograph. This is as close as you can get to our work without being on location in person. QuickTime Needed

Click on the Pictures to see the Pond Panoramas!


Triplett 360 Pond Panorama

The Triplett Residence pond houses dozens of colorful Koi fish, has multiple waterfalls, is located beneath an expansive canopy of mature trees, and sits next to a beautiful 1888 Victorian-style home. A bridge leads you to a gazebo that is surrounded by water.


Mason Pond

Is bigger always better? It was in this case! The Masons figured out that they were going to out grow the pond before it was even built. So the pond was redesigned to reduce as much grass in the backyard as possible.



Ritchie Residence: This water feature is equipped with the latest technology in water gardening and koi pond construction. We have a Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter unit with a backflushing system and two Hydro Clean Skimmers™ on this pond. We have installed two skimmers on this pond because of the large trees that surround the feature


Kodama Koi Farm

In the fall of 2006, The Pond Digger studied under Mamuro Kodama at the Grand Opening of the “Kodama Koi Farm” in Waikiki, Honolulu. The weather was outstanding and as you can see from this amazing PondPanorama™ the Kodama Koi Farm has a wonderful setting! The back drop of clouds was a real fun experience to photo shoot!


Johnson 360 Pond Panorama

Johnson Residence – This is a backyard paradise, with its water garden reminiscent of a small mountain waterfall shaded by a restful pine tree. This is home to a dedicated artist that demands the sound of water while creating works of art. Connie and Charlie have been on our pond tours since the very beginning.


Auden Panorama

If not having enough space for a water feature has been holding you back for so long, then your troubles have been answered! This is a fine example of; Where there is a will, there is a way! The soothing sound of water, spell bounding underwater lighting, aquatic plants and the always entertaining, goldfish, a “Tranquility Pond” has all of the pleasures of a large expensive water feature in a compact area, with a Big Bang for a small price!


Gilman Pond

I warn beginners that this water gardens can be extremely addicting, but most ignore me as if I’m joking. Leroy Gilman decided that a pond and waterfall at work just wasn’t enough, he wanted to come home to a waterfall and water garden too, so we built an 8’ x 11’ waterscape with a two-tiered waterfall in his front yard.
The funny thing is; both the pond at work and the water garden in his front yard still wasn’t enough! Leroy now has three ponds because he decided to put another 8’ x 11’ pond with two waterfalls in his backyard where he spends most of his time, which is the pond displayed in this PondPanorama™