Moonlight Pond Tour

The Moonlight Pond Tour – October, 2015

Our Moonlight Pond Tour exposes you to a case of Waterscape Fever, for which the only pleasurable remedy is a WATERSCAPE of your own, of course! “The Original Moonlight Pond Tour For The Cure” was founded and hosted by Exotic Waterscapes & The Pond Digger Waterscape Design & Construction Team, and has turned into an annual tradition. The tour usually takes place each fall on a Friday and Saturday evening, closest to the full moon in October. Ponds, water gardens, pondless waterfalls, Rock Column Fountains and hybrid Koi Ponds are showcased under a moonlit sky, enhanced by fantastic nightscape lighting.

The self-guided Moonlight Pond Tour features new water designs, along with favorites from The Pond Digger’s past Pond Tour For The Cure and Moonlight Pond Tours. We’re proud to note that our Yucaipa-based business originated the idea of a Moonlight Pond Tour Charity Event, whose concept has since swept our nation. Contractors throughout America are emulating our Moonlight Pond Tour by hosting their own, to raise thousands of dollars for deserving charities. We are proud to have launched such a selfless trend, and encourage more and more to partake in charity-driven pond tours!

With the support our pond tours have received, we have helped raise awareness and resources for our local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and many other deserving charities.

Please contact The Pond Digger headquarters for more information on this year’s Moonlight Pond Tour! 800-522-5043


Press Releases From the Past Include- Low-maintenance pondless waterfalls & pond ecosystems

Backyard Waterfall

Our Moonlight Pond Tour lets me give back to my community in multiple ways. The tour is a fun way to help generate funds for local charities and nonprofit organizations, plus the event gives me the opportunity to show tour-goers how easy it is to maintain a properly balanced pond, water garden, hybrid koi pond or disappearing pondless waterfall.

It’s fulfilling to help people create a refreshing waterscape for relaxation and to re-energize themselves, and accomplishes our mission to change the way the world builds, and more importantly, – maintains ponds, water gardens, hybrid koi ponds and pondless waterfalls.

It is my wish that you will experience an elegant evening amidst the soothing sound of water, spellbinding underwater lighting and lush aquatic plants — and be entertained by all the wonderful possibilities that ponds and pondless waterfalls offer, among the Moonlight Pond Tour enthusiasts who share your same interest.

While touring ponds under moon light you will come across several Waterscapes that showcase a revolutionary hybrid Koi pond filtering system, which is destined to finally bring Koi pond lovers and water garden enthusiasts closer together.

Also highlighted will be new pond aerator systems, and an underwater lighting system, where you’ll never have to change a light bulb again. Sorry, Mr. Edison!


Waterfall with PondFestive Ponds on the Moon light Pond Tour

During our self-guided Moonlight Pond Tour, be sure to visit the spooky Savage Water Garden full of hungry, carnivorous plants (holding hands when approaching this Redlands pond goes with the territory). Also, in Redlands, visit our traditional, festive Jack-O-Lantern display.

In 2006, The University of Redlands’ LaFourcade Community Garden, located behind the school’s Administration Building off Colton Avenue, displayed their pond as a fitting participant, during the school’s centennial celebration festivities. The garden’s focal point is its 11- by 16-foot pond, with a 50-foot long stream.

“The refreshing pond initiated our garden and has the added benefit of creating a habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife, which our students, staff and other community members truly enjoy,” says Tony Mueller, director of the university’s Community Service Learning (CSL) Office, ì

The pond was built by UR students and alum during a public Pond Construction Seminar, hosted by Exotic Waterscapes.

The LaFourcade Community Garden itself was created by students participating in the university’s Community and School Gardens CSL class, taught by Emily Bueermann, Master Gardener, during May-terms.

The respite is cultivated by students in the school’s Gardeners-in-Residence program through the CSL Office, under assistant director Pavel Ilie, a UR graduate student.

Make time to visit the Highland stops, including the multiple waterfalls and streams dominating the entire backyard of one of them.

Meet ‘n Greet On The Moonlight Pond Tour

Each year something special happens to me on the Moonlight Pond Tour. One year, I met a wonderful married couple who were having their first real “night out” alone in years. Another year, a couple informed me that they chose our tour as the grand finale of their special occasion dinner party.

During five years of the moon lighting our pond tours, I have reconnected with old friends and made new ones, while enjoying my children interact with pond tour-goers!

My most memorable moment was last year. I stood on my lawn after all was said and done reflecting on the evening, looking up into the amazing moonlit sky with my wife in my arms, as a silhouette of a Great Horned Owl passed over the moon – meaning “More Than Words” could possibly say.

I hope you experience something profoundly romantic on The Original Moonlight Pond Tour journey. Waterscapes are mystical places, and what better time of year and hour to see them than right now, while the night is still young and you are young-at-heart.

Happy Pondering

Thanks to all the participating water garden owners for sharing their ponds and pondless waterfalls, and for your patronage of this charity event, which benefits the community. The owners will be wearing Moonlight Pond Tour T-shirts and available to answer most any waterscape questions you may have.

Everyone wants a pond; they just don’t know it yet! Next weekend — in the company of hybrid koi ponds, pondless waterfalls and kindred spirits under the moon’s glow — the desire to create your own oasis will become crystal clear.

Did you know that disappearing pondless waterfalls work without a pond because the water from the waterfall moves down a wandering stream and disappears into a bed of gravel, which can be planted with lush, aquatic plants.

The disappearing pondless waterfall is maintained simply by refilling the reservoir with water every couple of weeks, or by installing an automatic water fill valve to replace water loss due to evaporation. The pondless waterfall system can be placed on an automatic timer to run only upon your request.

The pondless waterfall is made of all natural stone, and affords a great alternative for a front yard pond. The pondless waterfall is perfect for both commercial and residential installations, and a location where child safety might be a concern or liability.

2005 Moonlight Pond Tour Highlights

Backyard Waterfall TriplettMore than 30 ponds, pondless waterfalls and koi ponds will be showcased during the fourth annual Moonlight Pond Tour, hosted by Exotic Aquatics. The pond tour charity event is usually held the Saturday evening in October closest to the full moon. Proceeds support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; Inland Empire Chapter; the Assistance League of Redlands and other nonprofit organizations authorized to sell pond tour tickets.

“This year’s Moonlight Pond Tour will highlight many new water gardens, along with favorites featured in past Pond Tours and Moonlight Pond Tours,” says Eric Triplett, owner of Exotic Aquatics.

Four Highland waterscapes are on the moon light pond tour. They include a pondless waterfall which was built last month (September) at Amy Potter’s residence on Oak Hill Lane. The pondless waterfall works without a pond because the water from the waterfall travels down a meandering stream and disappears into a gravel bed, which is planted with lush, aquatic, marginal plants. The pondless waterfall is maintained simply by refilling the reservoir with water every few weeks, or by adding an auto-water fill valve to compensate for water loss due to evaporation. The pondless waterfall system can be placed on an automatic timer to run when desired. The pondless waterfall is made of natural rock, and provides a great alternative for a front yard pond. The pondless waterfall is perfect for both residential and commercial applications, and a location where child safety may be a concern or liability.
Pond Kits and pondless waterfall kits are available for do-it-yourselfers. Others prefer hiring a professional to create and personalize a disappearing pondless waterfall, water garden or koi pond which will enhance and beautify their landscape. The backyard of Doug and Debbie Mason on White Oak Lane is a pond lover’s paradise.


According to Triplett, “The Masons figured out that they were going to outgrow their backyard pond before it was even built. Therefore, the waterscape was redesigned to enlarge it; thereby, reducing the need to landscape with grass.” Multiple waterfalls and more than 30 feet of streams now meander through the property to the 16′ by 21′ pond, which is the backyard’s focal point for all – including people, birds and other creatures — to enjoy, notes Triplett.

The Bob and Jeanie Staley residence on Cram Road showcases a nearly 14- by 18-foot water feature, with a 20 foot stream. It constructed next to an exterior living area to serve as the visual highlight of the entire backyard. Large accent boulders frame this pond. Dual waterfall filters are tucked behind the hedges to create an excellent illusion, says Triplett, who adds that the sound of water attracts a wonderful array of birds and butterflies, while it relaxes and reinvigorates all who visit.

Another Highland residence on Paseo Medio showcases a six-foot waterfall in the serenity of this water garden oasis, whose highlights include imported Japanese Koi and the ancient art of Bonsai. The owners wanted to get their feet wet in water gardening with a small 4′ x 6′ pond,” says Triplett, but ended up going big in the beginning to accommodate their fish.”

The variety offered by 33 waterscapes including, koi ponds, disappearing pondless waterfalls, water gardens and ponds, on a total of 30 pond tour stops in this year’s Moonlight Pond Tour provide maximum possibilities, ideas, altitudes, environments, conditions, temperatures, and pleasures, says Triplett. You will see waterscapes ranging from those only a month-old like at the Potter’s to the other Highland favorites, which are maturing quite nicely, notes Triplett.


Low-maintenance ecosystems

The ponds and pondless waterfalls on the tour feature the pond and pondless waterfall kits, which includes components and easy steps to create a healthy ecosystem for fish and plants, and an oasis for people, says Triplett. By creating an ecosystem that ‘Works with Mother Nature, Not Against Her,’ Exotic Aquatics is able to adjust the notion that ponds are smelly, lots of work, and green — all of which occurred with old-style pond construction, explains Triplett.
Nearly a third of Exotic Aquatics’ business involves converting old-style cement ponds to the ecosystem ponds, and enlarging ponds because their owners have become addicted to how enjoyable and easy the water gardening world is when the ecological elements are in place, says Triplett.

Exotic Aquatics is recognized as one of the top pond builders in the country. Exotic Aquatics also sells the ecosystem pond kits and pondless waterfall kits for those wanting to create their own ponds. The Moonlight Pond Tour features two such do-it-yourselfers. Exotic Waterscapes maintains an outdoor pond showroom at its headquarters, which Triplett owns with his wife Leslie, who manages the retail store. Exotic Waterscapes sells koi and other fish, plus aquatic plants and pond equipment, as well as a small line of pet necessities.

Moonlight Pond Tour Gives Back To The Community

“Our Moonlight Pond Tour lets me give back to my community in multiple ways,” says Triplett. “The pond tour is a fun way to help generate funds for local charities and nonprofit organizations, plus the event gives me the opportunity to show tour-goers how easy it is to maintain a properly balanced pond. “It’s fulfilling to help people create a refreshing water garden for relaxation and to re-energize themselves, says Triplett, “and accomplishes my mission to change the way the world builds and maintains ponds.”

For more information, including arranging for a charity or non-profit group such as a service club or PTA to benefit from pond tour ticket sales, call Exotic Waterscpaes at 1-800-522-5043.


Moonlight Pond Tour & Beyond

The Moonlight Pond Tour For The Cure charity event usually takes place the Friday and Saturday evening each October closest to the full moon.

Eric Triplett owns Exotic Aquatics & The Pond Digger Waterscape Design & Construction team which specializes in constructing ecologically friendly, low-maintenance, waterscapes, and selling pond construction equipment to do-it-yourselfers. Past achievements include leading a team to a first-place victory in the North American Waterfall Building Competition, held during the annual Pond Business Industry Convention in Illinois.

Triplett participated with a team of hand selected contractors to build a water feature display for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Show at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Triplett also assisted in creating a water garden in Georgia for the P. Allen Smith show on PBS. That segment initially aired May 2005.

The Pond Digger team may be reached by calling 1-800-522-5043.