Koi Health & Disease

The “Koi Care” seminar is a must for Koi Hobbyists.

You will learn the latest information from the experts including Koi health, Koi disease, Koi care and nutrition, diagnosing problems, and treatments. Learn about buying, handling, and tank health.

In the WET LAB you will learn how to biopsy fish and identify parasites under a microscope, administer anesthesia, and how to properly inject antibiotics. Vicki Vaughan is well respected in the koi industry and is the director of Aquatic Services at the University of Georgia College. Vicki has developed fish medications and is a Partner in Koi Affiliates and she breeds koi high quality koi with Japanese brood stock at her on facility in Georgia. Vicki Vaughan was in the spotlight at last years seminars and koi labs and will be the show case this year.

$89 Seminar Only
$149 Wet Lab Only
$199 Both Days

Stay Tuned For Upcoming Schedule for Koi Health Care Seminars!!!!