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2011 Summer Pond Tour, July 16th and 17th

This year's summer tour, will offer views of refreshing retreats and private paradises from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Saturday and Sunday, July 16th &17th.

The self-guided tour will showcase everything from water gardens to koi ponds and rock column fountains to disappearing waterfalls at over a dozen homes and business locations. The epicenter of the tour is Yucaipa, California.

This Summer Pond Tour charity event benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and several other authorized non-profit organizations.

Summer Pond Tour tickets are $10 per person, with no charge for youth, ages 10 and younger. Tickets will be available at the Exotic Waterscapes Headquarters located at 31710 Dunlap Blvd., Yucaipa, California, 92399. Maps & Informational Booklets will be distributed the Friday before the tour and on the Saturday and Sunday of the pond tour.

"A number of this year’s Summer Pond Tour stops are new water gardens, along with favorites featured in our prior summer pond tours and autumn Moonlight Pond Tours," says Eric Triplett, who with his wife Leslie owns Exotic Waterscapes, The Pond Digger, Inc. and Daryl’s Pet Shop, based in Redlands.

"The Pond Digger specializes in constructing ecologically friendly, low-maintenance waterscapes for both aquatic plants and fish, but more importantly, for people," notes Triplett, who started the company in 1995.

"The goal of water gardening enthusiasts is to provide a naturally balanced aquatic circle of life," explains Triplett. "Plants and fish help support the natural ecosystem and reduce pond maintenance to only a few minutes a week - which is less time than it takes to maintain the same area planted in grass."

Exotic Aquatics, whose Pond Construction crew is known as The Pond Digger, is recognized nationwide as one of the country's top pond construction companies. We specialize in building a wide variety of waterscapes. We support homeowners and do it yourselfer pond builders! Come on out to our pond tours to get ideas for your own properties!

Summer Pond Tour tickets are available in Yucaipa at:
Exotic Waterscapes Headquarters, Tel: 800-522-5043


Previous Summer Pond Tour For The Cure highlights

Water garden Koi pond tour

The Parade of Ponds tour will feature five water gardens using the new Hydro Vortex Hybrid Koi pond filters. The hybrid Koi pond filter may be installed in new water gardens and to upgrade those that have lava rock and pad biological waterfall filters.

The Triplett's own home water gardens in Redlands will be on display. Their new 8’ x 16’ carnivorous bog pond includes a hybrid Koi pond filter, and reverse osmosis water to grow the exotic carnivorous plants, plus large accent boulders.

This unique carnivorous pond is located between their 1888 house and a side-yard orchard of more than 40 fruit trees.

On the other side of the house is a 17-foot by 30-foot pond with a 45-foot-long swim stream for dozens of colorful Koi, and two waterfalls, which are situated on either side of a Victorian-style, white gazebo and merge underneath a bridge leading to the structure.

This water garden is shaded by the expansive canopy of a mature cedar that fronts the picturesque home.

The couple recently installed the hybrid Koi filter to the above-ground, 10-foot by 14-foot pond at Daryl's Pet Shop, which is run by Leslie. The shop sells Koi and other fish, plus aquatic plants, in addition to a full line of pets and accessories.

The hybrid Koi filter is also located in Redlands in the Togashi's front courtyard water garden, which is surrounded by a beautiful green lace-leaf Japanese maple. Also on the Parade of Ponds tour will be the hybrid Koi pond biological filter system at the King residence in Yucaipa.

According to Triplett, the Kings were so excited with the filtration upgrade using the Hydro Vortex waterfall filter and Hydro Clean Skimmer, they opted to redo the entire pond, which now is 25 percent larger.

Tour highlights also include a 15-foot waterfall on a slope that flows into a 2,500-gallon pond at the Pine residence in Redlands; and a 16-foot by 21-foot pond, with more than 30 feet of streams meandering through the Mason's backyard in Highland.

Two of the Redlands ponds on display have been photographed for national magazines. The water garden of artists Bob and Cindy Ellis has been featured in "Romantic Home Magazine," and the pond owned by Debi and John Hoss was highlighted in last summer's "Aquascape Lifestyles Magazine."

The latter article describes how the Hoss family, formerly of Forest Falls, created a backyard mountain oasis in the midst of city life with two six-foot waterfalls cascading into a 16-foot-wide by 20-foot-long, 2,500-gallon pond that is beautifully landscaped by Debi.

In spring 2005, the Hoss family added a pondless waterfall to their front yard, which was honored this year as a Front Yard of the Month by the Redlands Horticultural & Improvement Society.


Pondless waterfalls

Featured on the tour will be a total of a dozen pondless waterfalls in Cherry Valley, Highland, Redlands and Yucaipa.

Pondless waterfalls are activated as desired by an electrical switch just like a fountain. They are perfect for schools, businesses and those who want a front yard water feature, travel frequently or have young families, says Triplett.

Pondless waterfalls were created this past school year under Exotic Aquatics' Ponds For Schools program at Arrowhead Christian Academy and Redlands High School.

Under the program, students join Triplett and his crew to build a pond or pondless waterfall in one day. These curriculum-aligned, outdoor classrooms enhance academics by providing hands-on, year-round learning opportunities and are aesthetically pleasing, notes Triplett and participating educators.

Exotic Aquatics has created with students pondless waterfalls at eight schools in the Redlands Unified School District and at half-a-dozen schools in other districts in San Bernardino County.

The ACA memorial water garden in Redlands was created last Feb. 10 and is named "Nate's Place," in honor of Nathen Heavilin. This ACA student was age 17 when he was killed by a drunk drive Feb. 10, 1983.

The Redland High School pondless waterfall was created last Dec. 14 by high school students with severe disabilities, and members of the school's Key Club and Octagon service groups, the Associated Student Body and football team.

Those helping to fund the RHS project included Realtors with Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty on Orange Tree Lane in Redlands. Their own pondless waterfall will be on this weekend's tour. It was built during a "Build A Pondless Waterfall" construction seminar last Nov. 12. The water garden features a two-foot waterfall and 20-foot meandering stream.

Other pondless waterfalls on the tour, which were created during Build A Pondless Waterfall events are located at: Stone Solutions on Outer Highway 10 in Redlands; and at Newell Nurseries and LeRoy's Landscape Services, both on Yucaipa Boulevard in that city.

The owner of LeRoy’s Landscape Services, LeRoy Gilman, also will have his own front- and backyard ponds in Yucaipa on display.


Pond Construction Seminars

The Parade of Ponds tour will feature five water gardens using the new Hydro Vortex hybrid Koi pond filters. The hybrid Koi filter may be installed in new water gardens and to upgrade those that have lava rock and pad biological waterfall filters.

Exotic Aquatics is in its sixth year of offering free "Build a Pond Day" seminars, whereby the public is invited to observe or join the professionals at Exotic Aquatics in any or all of the steps to completely install a properly balanced pond, waterfall and stream in only one day.

Most 11-foot by 16-foot or smaller ponds can be built by hand in one day, according to Triplett, whose motto for the event is "Been There, Dug That!"

"Build A Pond Day is effective for those exploring the idea of building their own water feature or contracting for one to be built," explains Triplett. "During this quick-paced and fun event, we show homeowners the 20 components and 20-step construction process to create a pond, along with time-saving and cost-effective measures to increase the efficiency and beauty of their water feature."

Adds Triplett, "In one day, a high-maintenance lawn or barren dirt can be transformed into a beautiful, ecological-friendly, low-maintenance water garden that attracts birds, butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies and people of all ages."

Build A Pond Day water features on the tour include ones at Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center, Newell Nurseries and LeRoy’s Landscape Services.


Win A Free Pond Installed by The Pond Diggers

The charity event also includes the Japanese water garden that fronts Exotic Aquatics’ 5,500-square-foot warehouse on Amigos Drive. The company, which moved to the larger site two years ago to accommodate its growing business, will offer behind-the-scenes tours of the offices and warehouse during the event.

Also on the tour will be the pond of the Kilpatrick family of Redlands, who won this Aquascape Designs ProPond Ecosystem kit from Exotic Aquatics in an opportunity drawing held during the first annual Parade of Ponds in 1999.

Matt and Tonya Schweiger won the pond kit drawing at last year’s giveaway. Last summer Matt dove right into the construction of the water feature himself and is show casing his pond on this year’s "Pond Tour For The Cure".

This year Exotic Aquatics is will be giving away a completely installed pond or pondless waterfall to one lucky person. So be sure to pick up and official entry form at the Exotic Aquatics Headquarters.

How do you win? Simply tell the judges, why The Pond Diggers™ at Exotic Aquatics should build you a FREE pond or pondless waterfall! Tell them in a hundred words or a hundred pages; whatever you think it takes to convince them to pick you!

They need pictures of ugly ponds that desperately need a Pond MakeOver™ and/or any landscape that cries out for a waterscape! Submit photos with your entry! Digital photos, jpeg, via email or on disc are preferred but any photos will be accepted.


Work with Mother Nature

According to Triplett, nearly a third of his business involves converting old-style, maintenance-intensive, cement ponds with unattractive green algae to ecologically friendly, low-maintenance waterscapes; and enlarging ponds because their owners have become addicted to how enjoyable and easy the water gardening world is when the ecological elements are in place.

"It's fulfilling to help people create a refreshing water garden for relaxation and to re-energize themselves," says Triplett, "and accomplishes my mission to 'change the way the world builds and maintains ponds.’

"When Mother Nature can do her maintenance dance, we humans can afford to sit back, relax and ponder the meaning of life," notes Triplett. "By working with Mother Nature, you can make a delightful and tranquil ecosystem with a waterfall, stream, pond and wildlife that creates a haven and backyard vacation."


Mosquito larvae not a problem

According to Triplett, a properly functioning water feature with a continuous running waterfall and a surface skimmer is neither conducive to mosquito populations nor their breeding.

"Mosquito larvae cannot exist in running water," explains Triplett. "Plus, dragonflies are attracted to running water and will eat them. Mosquito larvae also are eaten by mosquito fish, which are available from the county’s Vector Control office."


Top Pond Builder

Eric Triplett has helped build a water garden in Arkansas for the P. Allen Smith show on PBS, and a water feature display for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Show at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Exotic Aquatics also has participated in building water features for two Extreme Home Makeover programs, including the pondless waterfall in the backyard of the Grinnan residence in Redlands.

Exotic Aquatics offers a "365 Days A Year Pond Tour," featuring its constructed water gardens that are accessible year-round for public viewing; and will host its fifth annual Moonlight Pond Tour from 5 to 9 p.m. both Oct. 6 and 7.

Our events let me give back to the community in multiple ways, says Triplett. "Exotic Aquatics' Parade of Ponds tour is a fun way to help generate funds for local charities and nonprofit organizations, plus the weekend event gives me the opportunity to show tour-goers how easy it is to maintain a properly balanced pond.

Everyone wants a pond; he says with a smile, most people just don’t know it yet.

For more information, call Exotic Waterscapes at 1-800-522-5043, or visit them online at www.theponddigger.com.


Parade of Ponds Tour Descriptions From 2006


Dixon Residence

With a saltwater reef tank at work and a koi pond at home the passion for the underwater world knows no bounds for the Dixons. This koi pond has a 4’ wide stream that crashes 11,500 gallons per hour into a 14’ x’18’ pond. We have a 3’ wide koi fish cavern in the bottom of this 3’+ deep pond, with what I am calling a "Belly of the Dragon" reverse flow system underneath the deck that cantilevers over the pond. This koi pond also houses a couple of Diamond Back Terrapin turtles. You’ll want to kiss em!


Terlep Residence

When we met the Terleps their backyard was just dirt, and now the yard is maturing quite nicely. With double waterfalls and streams spilling into the 11’ x 16’ water garden koi pond it makes for an interesting focal point on the property.




Faucette Residence

Pond One: Planning a water feature for years, Le did her homework before she took the plunge into water gardening. After attending a speaking engagement on ecosystem ponds at a Local Horticulture Society, visiting several homes on a summer Parade of Ponds Tour and watching a Build A Pond Day she was ready to TalkPonds. Visit this lovely "Tranquility Pond" houses some small koi and is strategically placed by her front door for curb appeal. Now I’m sure Le spends more time in the front yard gardening than the backyard, so she is planning on a larger water garden for the back property.

Pond Two: The front yard koi pond wasn’t nearly big enough and was just a way for Le to get her feet wet in water gardening. Wait till you see what she did in her backyard! An 11’ x 16’ koi pond with 15 feet or more of swim stream with a rock step across pathway that crosses the stream and plenty, and I mean plenty of waterfalls!


Cherry Valley

Brancato Residence

Pond One: The first water garden koi pond that we build on the property was not the Brancatos first! You see Tony has been fascinated by water gardens and koi ponds for years. This is the first professional koi pond that Tony had installed on the property

Pond Two: Koi Pond two was the too much is never enough I think I’ll build another koi pond and Do It Myself phase of the property. We already have plans to join the two water features together in 2007.

Pond Three: Since Tony is always outside working on the property, his wife Barbara and he decided to build a little Pondless Waterfall in the front of the home to add a little curb appeal to the property and bring the sound of water to the front of the home as well. These aren’t even the first steps of many more to come.



DiDonato Residence

The aviaries nearby this water garden koi pond lend the sounds of tropical birds to help complete the illusions of an island retreat. Caution: visiting this koi pond will motivate you to want to create your own backyard paradise. Within the last year this koi pond has had a complete makeover. The koi pond was made larger! It used to be an 11’ x 16’ pond with a small waterfall. Now it is everybit of 16’ x 21’ with a larger waterfall. Well worth the trip to highland!


Mason Residence

Is bigger always better? It was in this case! The Masons figured out that they were going to out grow the koi pond before it was even built. So the koi pond was redesigned to reduce as much grass in the backyard as possible. Multiple waterfalls and more than 30’ of streams now meander through the property to the 16’ x 21’ pond, which is the backyard’s focal point for all to enjoy.


Potter Residence

A Pondless Waterfall, spa, and a barbeque in my opinion, is just what the doctor ordered. This Pondless Waterfall was constructed in one day. Amy leaves for work and comes home to a transformed backyard. Two waterfalls are set on a mild slope in the backyard and converge together and cascade into the Pondless basin right next to the patio.


Staley Residence

This nearly 14’ x 18’ water garden koi pond, with 15’ to 20’ of stream, was constructed next to an exterior living area to serve as the visual highlight of the entire backyard. Large accent boulders frame this pond. Dual waterfall filters are tucked behind the hedges to create an excellent illusion. The sound of water attracts a wonderful array of birds and butterflies, while it relaxes and reinvigorates all who visit.



Sims Tree Learning Center

This is a fantastic place to stop on this year’s water garden koi pond tour. Not only will you find two ponds on this property, but you will also see several different wonderful gardens, rare palms, cycads, fruit trees and even draft horses.

Pond One: This pond is a small Tranquility Pond that is no bigger that a 5’ x 7’ with a small hillside stream that has lots of bag for the dollar. The sweet sound of the waterfall can be heard through out the main office.

Pond Two: This is an 11’ x 16’ koi pond that houses mostly goldfish with a small meandering stream that is in a conservatory greenhouse setting. You will be introduce to a wide variety of exotic plants that you will not find anywhere else locally



Arrowhead Christian Academy

This Pondless® Waterfall was installed as a Ponds 4 Kids event on February 10th, 2006 in a memorial garden named Nate’s Place. A special thanks goes out to Laurie Hicok for spearheading the development and construction planning of "Nate’s Place", this memorial garden to honor Nathen Heavilin, a student of ACA, that was killed by a drunk driver on February 10th, 1983. Nate was only 17 years young, born on December 25th, Christmas Day, 1965.


Aubut Residence

A boulder-style waterfall turns into a swim stream that leads under an arched cement bridge to an 11x16 water garden koi pond butted up against a patio – it makes a great setting for backyard entertainment. Visit these wonderful koi fish some traveling from Japan to live here with the Aubuts!


Bracken Bird Farm

The lush plant life and exotic birds surrounding these two water garden koi ponds contribute to the rainforest feel of this enclosure. Close your eyes and let the sounds carry you South


Crum Residence

Under this water garden koi pond is just a memory of the pond that started the Crums off in the wonderful world of water gardening! Yes we ripped out the old and dropped in the new. This was a special pond for us to install. About the time we first started building ponds the Crums fell into water gardening. With little to no resources at the time they tackled the pond construction themselves and I must say did an outstanding job. Over the years they watched our pond construction company grow. When a dog punctured a hole in their pond liner that wasn’t UVB protected, they consulted with our company Exotic Aquatics. To our delight the Crums decided to fully update their pond with the latest and the greatest back to nature eco-system technology and hired us to rebuild their pond. It was a great pleasure to build this pond for the Crums.


Daryl's Pet Shop

This unique 10' x 14' pond, with its 30-inch cascading waterfall, is located 100% above the ground to offer a new perspective on ponds. Exotic Aquatics maintains this water garden as an outdoor showroom. Eric and Leslie Triplett own Exotic Aquatics and Daryl's Pet Shop. Daryl's sells "quarantined" Koi and other fish, plus aquatic plants, in addition to a full line of pets and accessories. This is also a stop on our 365 Pond Tour.


Dominguez Residence

This 11’ x 16’ pond, with its spilt boulder-style waterfalls, was the location of a community Build-A-Pond Day event in 2003 and houses several Japanese Koi. With freshly planted grass, a wood deck and a new B-B-Q, why leave home -- other than to attend a baseball game in Anaheim to support the Angels!


Ellis Residence

The home of two wonderful artists! Complementing both each other and their yard with art, to create a setting that is both elegant and romantic. You will find couples holding hands (who normally don’t!), because of the special ambiance that this great backyard gives off. This home was featured in Romantic Homes Magazine, twice! Stop by to see this wonderful watergarden koi pond.


Exotic Aquatics Headquarters

We have a small, but fantastic Japanese Water Garden display with which I can assure you that everyone will fall in love. We even consulted with a Japanese garden expert to ensure complete authenticity! It will blow you away! While you are here, take a behind-the-scenes tour of our offices and warehouse. Of course, this pond is a stop on our 365 Pond Tour. Stop in to see the New Russell Watergarden Hybrid Koi Pond Kits and equipment for pond construction.


Fagan Residence

This koi pond is a larger feature approximately 14’ x 18’ in size with dual skimmers and three waterfall filter boxes that are curved in an outer radius. The falls can be viewed from the private spa enclosure , patio and the house because of the configuration of the waterfall units.


Gaunt Residence

A 25’ long Pondless Waterfall with a 3’ wide waterfall and stream is an eye-catcher in the front yard of this property. The Pondless Waterfall is becoming extremely popular because you can have the sights and sounds of water in your front yard without the liability of the pond! The pondless waterfall turns into a stream that runs directly at the street and then disappears into a basin that turns into a dry creek bed. Pondless waterfall + front yard – liability = curb appeal.


Helfrich Residence

This was a fun project working with multiple contractors on one project transforming a boring backyard literally into a backyard oasis. We worked with both Leroy’s Landscape Services and Inland Landscape in this backyard transformation. Here are the details; A large hillside waterfall and stream spilling into a 16’ x 21’ water garden koi pond, a refreshing new pool, sexy nightscape lighting, killer stamped concrete and a built in B-B-Q. Must we say more?


Hoss Sr. Residence

Pond One: Visit one of the favorite water garden koi pond tour stops year after year! These former, long-time residences of Forest Falls were reluctant to move to their current address until we promised them waterfalls. A 2,500-gallon pond, with two 6’ waterfalls, provides the refreshing focal point of this beautifully landscaped, backyard resort crafted by Debbie and John Hoss. Their naturally balanced 16’ x 20’ koi pond, and how it recreated a mountain oasis in the midst of city life, were featured in Aquascape Lifestyles Magazine

Pond Two: Main entry waterfalls out aren’t just for fancy hotels anymore. Waterfalls are being added to front yard landscapes to create amazing curb appeal! It doesn’t hurt that the Hoss’ have inside connections with The Pond Diggers™!


Johnson Residence

Here is another tribute to Forest Falls in Redlands. This is a backyard paradise, with its water garden reminiscent of a small mountain waterfall shaded a restful pine trees. This is home to a dedicated artist that demands the sound of water while creating works of art. Connie and Charlie have been on the water garden koi pond tours since the very beginning. They’re practically family!


Kilpatrick Residence

This is the winner of the Inaugural, "Parade of Ponds", Water Garden Koi Pond Kit Giveaway and are big Angel fans. The homeowners are glad they didn’t follow their initial inclination to sell the Pro-Pond Ecosystem kit they won, because the pond is now integral to their lives. All of the fish have names! Koi Pond parties have surpassed pool parties as the "cool" thing to do. Look to see if you can spot the fish cavern in the pond!


Lois Lauer Century 21

This Pondless® Waterfall was built in a Build A Pondless Waterfall Day construction seminar on November 12th, 2005. We had a good turn out that day and built this great feature in only five hours! This Pond-Free feature has a 2’ tall waterfall and a 20’ long meandering stream that disappears just before the side walk. Stop by and see this feature anytime on our 365 Pond Tour!


Needelman Residence

Toddler-safe fencing encloses a beautifully re-landscaped pond. At this water garden koi pond stop you will see an 11’ x 16’ pond with a 10’ stream with a nice turn and a multi-tiered waterfall. Those of you who have seen this water garden before will want to see how it has grown and evolved.


Pine Residence

This is another must-see tour highlight! Wanting to block out freeway noise, the homeowner took advantage of his slope by having Exotic Aquatics build a 15’ waterfall, which creates a soothing and calming cascade of water into a 4,000-gallon pond. Mission not only possible, but successful! The white sound of the water spilling into this koi pond makes one ask, "What noise, where?"


Redlands High School

This Ponds 4 Kids event was something special! We build this great Pondless® Waterfall in only five short hours with a group of severely handicapped kids! I was so inspired by how hard this group of kids worked that I made a special trip back to our headquarters to grab company t-shirts for everyone that was working their tails off because I seriously felt like they were part of our team!


Ritchie Residence

This backyard is just a gem. It is landscaped with a handful of mature trees, a deck, hot tub and of course a great pond! This water feature is equipped with the latest technology in water gardening and koi pond construction. We have a Hydro Vortex™ waterfall filter unit with a backflushing system and two Hydro Clean Skimmers™ on this pond. We have installed two skimmers on this koi pond because of the large trees that surround the feature.



That’s right Matt and Tanya were the winners of the Pond Kit Giveaway! I must say I was blown away when I called to check Mid-September to see if they had started the installation process yet and they said it was completed already. What a pleasure to have them on our Moonlight Pond Tour! Remember, they only won the pond kit in July 2005!


Snowball Residence

According to the homeowner, "I’d rather do anything than mow a lawn!" Thus, a water garden koi pond was born. Who needs barren dirt, wants to mow expanses of lawn, or hassle with weeds when the attractive alternative is musical waterfalls, meandering streams and a crystal clear, serene pond with sparkling fish and lush aquatic plants!


Stone Solutions

This Pondless® Waterfall is just over a month old. The landscaping has yet to mature but you will obviously be able to keep you eyes on this feature through out the year since it is located right on Outer Hwy 10. Stone Solutions is on our 365 Pond Tour. Stop in to check out the amazing selection of granite while you are there.


Togashi Residence

The Togashis may very well be the first people in the Inland Empire to have a koi pond that features the revolutionary Hydro Vortex ™ hybrid koi pond filter. This is a great pond that we had a blast building on Kim’s birthday this year. The koi pond is young but was built around a beautiful green lace leaf Japanese maple tree. Another interesting thing about this water feature is that it is tucked into a small courtyard in the front of the property


Triplett Residence

Pond One: This 17’ x 30’ koi pond, with a 45’ long swim stream, has multiple waterfalls that are situated on either side of a Victorian-style white gazebo. Step across a bridge leading to the gazebo, which is shaded by an expansive canopy of a mature cedar fronting the historic home built in 1888.

Pond Two: This water feature isn’t even completed as we finish this pond tour booklet for print. So here is my latest fun project. A small pond with bog areas designed with large specimen boulders, filled with reverse osmosis water so that I can grow exotic carnivorous plants in it! That’s all I’m gonna say! You gotta come and see it!


Yegge Residence

The Yegges have been planning this koi pond for years! Several years ago the backyard was basically unusable. After intense planning the entire back slope has been terraced, leaving room for a fairly elaborate koi pond. Land bridges, multiple waterfalls, multiple level viewing areas, a double bottom koi pond, unusual stone trucked in from Arizona, an up-flow Belly of the Dragon water circulation system and great tropical plantings take you to another world. I hope without hurting anyone’s feelings I can say, "You better not miss this pond stop this year!"




Beltz Residence

If you’ll notice form the exterior, this water garden koi pond is centered in front of a large bay of windows. When company comes to visit the Beltz family the first thing they see when they step into the house is a beautiful view of their water feature. This is one of our rare customers that actually arranged to have a small koi pond installed and then upsized the koi pond right before construction began. They seriously saved some cash because 28% of our customer base actually rebuilt their ponds one time or another because water gardens are so much fun!


Dotson Residence

Pond One: At the top of a slope on the back of the property this 16’ x 21’ koi pond with a large waterfall, land bridge, stream, dual fire pits, and large specimen boulders is a secret destination point.

Pondless Two: We have a waterfall spilling down a 45 degree slope into a Pondless® Basin. I’ll tell you, this waterfall is a sight to see coming off this slope. There is at least eight or nine different spillways.


Gilman Residence

Pond One: The owner of Leroy’s landscape, decided that a water garden koi pond and waterfall at work just wasn’t enough, he wanted to come home to a waterfall and koi pond too, so we built an 8’ x 11’ water garden koi pond with a two-tiered waterfall in his front yard that houses goldfish

Pond Two: I warn beginners that this hobby can be extremely addicting, but most ignore me as if I’m joking. The funny thing is; both the water garden koi pond at work and the koi pond in his front yard still wasn’t enough! Leroy now has three ponds because he decided to put another 8’ x 11’ koi pond with two waterfalls in his backyard where he spends most of his time.


King Residence

I hate to sound like a broken record BUT, 28% of our companies pond construction in 2005 was remodels. This hybrid koi pond has just recently been updated with the latest and greatest in koi pond biological waterfall filtration technology. The Kings were so excited about the Hydro Vortex waterfall filter and Hydro Clean Skimmer that when we planned to upgrade their filtration they decided to have us redo the entire koi pond while we were at it. The hybrid koi pond is approximately 25% larger than it use to be.


LeRoy’s Landscape Services

Look for the pond’s multiple falls, which were designed to be visible from Yucaipa Boulevard. During an Advanced Waterfall Construction Seminar held last year, this waterfall was redesigned (possibly an understatement) to be 6’-tall x 6’-wide -- need we say more? The plants are maturing quite nice. If you don’t already drive by this water garden koi pond daily then I suggest that you stop by soon.


Newell Nurseries

Pond One: On June 4, 2005, we built this water feature during a community Build-A-Pond Day. The event was significant for Exotic Aquatics because it marked our five-year anniversary of presenting these Build-A-Pond Days. Our inaugural one was conducted at Newell Nurseries in 2000. That original water feature was dismantled when the nurseries' parking lot was enlarged. The new 10’ x 14’ water garden koi pond features a double-wide waterfall with an 8’ stream, and is located adjacent to the store’s new English-style greenhouse. Newell Nurseries feature 4.5 acres of acclimatized nursery stock, plus distinctive giftware.

Pondless Two: This cute Pondless® Waterfall is on a completely flat grade butted up next to a greenhouse. With only a small 16" tall waterfall it give the effect of a living stream rather than waterfalls. It proves you don’t need a tall waterfall to have the sound of water.


Rudh Residence

Driving past the large waterfall, water garden koi pond display at LeRoy’s Landscape Services on Yucaipa Boulevard on her way to and from work each day impressed upon Rose Rudh that a water feature was in her future. Her new Pondless® Waterfall has brought her front yard to life with the sound of water. The waterfall starts at the top of her driveway and disappears into a Pondless® basin by her mailbox. Even the mail carrier thanked us when we completed the project because now she, too, has something nice to look forward to during her workday. As we like to say, "Everyone wants a water feature; they just don’t know it yet!"


Sedivy Residence

This 14’ x 18’ water garden koi pond has multiple waterfalls and a meandering stream. This couple of "Do it yourselfers" attended several Build A Pond Day seminars before deciding to have it installed professionally, and couldn’t be happier. The koi fish at the Sedivy residence have been saved from falling prey to the mighty Blue Heron by the installation of fish caves in their koi pond and using a Scarecrow motion sensor that sprays water at unwanted predators with two legs, or four legs! For information on the electrical curves for fountain pumps and their relativity to head pressure we have reviewed several different flow charts at one of our pond partners location.




Jurupa Mountain Cultural Center

A two-foot waterfall spills into an upper catch basin, than streams along in this water feature that was created at a Build-A-Pond Day held in May 2003 during the center’s Green Faire. Stop by to see the friendly Red Eared Slider Turtles.




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