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Moonlight Pond Tour Illuminates Oct 10 & 11


The Moonlight Pond Tour is this weekend!! Friday & Saturday

You don’t want to miss this beautiful weekend! Join us during the first full moon of the month this Friday (5pm-10pm) and Saturday (2pm-10pm)

Each site of this self-guided tour is enhanced with nightscape lighting and we will be in the Halloween spirit! We are also excited to show you some exciting new pond creations and help you catch a glimpse of what your backyard could look like with our help!

We are donating the profits from our Moonlight Pond Tour to ALS research! With your support, we have raised money for countless charities at each of our pond tours and we can do it again! This year ALL PROCEEDS benefit ALS & the Humpty Dumpty Foundation!

Tickets will be $10 (Children under 12 FREE)

Tour bracelets and maps will be handed out at The Pond Digger headquarters until 5pm.

Call Now for Info 800-522-5042

The Pond Digger

31710 Dunlap Blvd, Yucaipa, CA 92399



October 10th & 11th

Fall in love with your Water Feature


While we have all been enjoying the warm temperatures of summer, I am looking forward to the coming cool nights of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year! It brings relaxed nights, beautiful sunsets, and cool breezes gracefully carrying the falling leaves to the ground. It’s the perfect time of year to cuddle up with your loved ones and spend evenings outside falling in love with your water feature.


If you get all warm and fuzzy by the thought of fall too, you’ll want to make sure every cool evening out by the pond is perfect. It’s time to start prepping your water feature for the fall and winter seasons. Fall care will get your water feature looking fresh and pristine after the hot summer. The fall prep will also cut back on the amount of work that your spring clean out will need.

Whether you have been doing this to your water feature for years or this is your first time, there are always new tips and tricks to help make the whole thing go a lot smoother. If you are in Southern California and you can get to The Pond Digger headquarters, we will be hosting TWO fall pond care seminars. We want to help you get through your fall preps as efficiently as possible. We will also be scheduling our maintenance team for those of you would rather sit back and relax while we take care of the work for you

Fall Pond Care seminars will be held on September 20th and 27th at The Pond Digger headquarters.

All attendees will receive 25% off of the retail store on those two days only!

31710 Dunlap Blvd
Yucaipa, CA 92399

If your too far and you cant make it to our FUN and EXCITING Fall Pond Care seminars, check out these 5 HELPFUL POND MAINTENANCE TIPS so that you can conquer your project with success!

Moonlight Pond Tour Coming Soon!


The Moonlight Pond Tour is coming soon and you don’t want to miss this beautiful weekend. This October, spooky will be in full effect with Jack-o-Lanterns scary enough to give you the heebie-jeebies and the first full moon of the Halloween month to get you ready for a good scare.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at The Pond Digger, so we are kicking it off early and hosting the tour October 10th and 11th. Not only we will be in the Halloween spirit, but we are also excited to show you some exciting new pond creations and help you catch a glimpse of what your backyard could look like with our help!

The tour will be self-guided so that you can view each moonlit feature at your leisure. Each site is enhanced by nightscape lighting that make it difficult to walk away.

Many people on The Pond Digger team were nominated for the ice bucket challenge or donate to ALS. Instead of doing a company ice bucket challenge, we will donate the profits from our Moonlight Pond Tour to ALS research! With your support, we have raised money for countless charities at each of our pond tours and we can do it again!

Come enjoy an evening out and help us raise awareness for ALS! We are excited to see you and together, we can make a difference!

Tickets will be $10 and tour bracelets will be handed out at The Pond Digger headquarters before you begin.

The Pond Digger

31710 Dunlap Blvd, Yucaipa, CA 92399



October 10th & 11th

Summer Lovin’ Tips and Tricks to Control Algae

waterfall-algaeSummer is finally here! Now its time to get outside to soak up the sun and be free to enjoy your water feature! While you are outside soakin’ up those rays, by the pond, keep these tips in mind, to keep you water feature looking pristine all summer long!

With summer comes beautiful, frolicking flower and plant blooms that bring sweet smells of summer, and keep us outside longer! Along with those beautiful aquatic blooms, comes algae, which is one bloom that is not so pleasant! Since you’re already outside, try a few things that will help maintain that algae bloom that isn’t so sweet.

Adding plants that provide shade to your pond will keep the sun from penetrating the water and in turn reduce algae growth. There are some aquatic plants that are perfect for this and are also beautiful! Water Lilies, Water Hyacinth, and Water Lettuce are all great for adding shade to your pond. With these three plants you get an added plus! Not only do they add shade to prevent algae growth, but they also add coverage for your fish to hide under, keeping them safe from dangerous and pesky predators! It’s a Win-Win!

Now, its understandable that you will want feed your fish a little more than normal since you will be outside and spending more quality time with them, but don’t do it! Or at least try, I know those little suckers can be irresistible. If you can manage to feed them less, they will produce less waste. If there is less waste in the pond, then the algae will have less to feed on. All you Koi lovers may feel a daunting weight on your shoulders as I tell you to feed your Koi less, but trust me, they will not starve! If they get hungry they will do you a favor and eat some of that algae that you are trying to get rid of! Another Win-Win!

Keeping up on a few maintenance items will improve your water clarity and prevent algae growth during these hot months as well. If you have not done so yet this year, switch out the bulb in your Ultra-Violet light! Those bulbs typically need to be replaced once per year. Once you get that fresh bulb installed, you will see a drastic difference! For those of you who are saying, “Ultra-Violet? In a pond!?” and you also have green water, please, please, please call us at The Pond Digger and we will help you step into the light! It works wonders!

Remember to keep an eye on your filtration media, rinse it clear of debris, as needed, keep any decomposing plants trimmed back, and most importantly keep adding beneficial bacteria! Keeping up on this maintenance will keep you and your eco-system happy and healthy

Now that I have given you plenty of tips and tricks that should keep those algae blooms down and keep those flower blooms up and smelling sweet, enjoy your summer, and stay outside longer!

For more information, contact The Pond Digger!


Make sure you show up at The Pond Digger headquarters on November 23rd at 9:00 am, whether you are a seasonal veteran pond enthusiast or still green behind the ears. We highly recommend that you attend our Fall Pond Care Event. The Pond Digger team will offer information and tips on maintaining your pond. We have literally saved our clients thousands of dollars over the years by teaching them how to care for their ponds. In addition, we are offering 30% OFF on pond care maintenance products. Yes, we said 30% OFF.


When – Saturday November 23rd, 2013 – 9:00

Where – 31710 Dunlap Blvd. Yucaipa, CA 92399


“Touching Lives With Water”

Eric Triplett

The Pond Digger

Helix Skimmer TV Debut!


Watch the Television Debut of The Helix Pond Skimmer on the DIY Network Tuesday June 4th! And there’s a good chance you’ll see my bald head rocking in a waterfall!

If you’re local, meet up with us! My family, friends, my good friend Carl Petite of Columbia Water Gardens and I will be celebrating at Mill Creek in Mentone! This is Carl’s 15 minutes of Fame as he is the installer of The Helix Pond Skimmer!

Celebrate with us from the comfort of your home if you’re not local!

Spread The Word!!

Here’s the Link to the DIY NETWORK listing! The show airs at 8pm Pacific Time.


Eric Triplett
The Pond Digger

Check out our How to Build a Fish Pond Series below!

Helix Authorized Territory Retailers & Contractors Wanted


Click Here to see our Helix Life Support introduction video!


BENEFITS of the Helix Pond Skimmer
  • Fish Friendly
  • Helical Flow stacks debris in Heavy Duty Basket
  • Compact unit easy to install and disguise in the landscape
  • Self Adjusting floating Water Level
  • Superior Skimming ability with a 15″ circular weir
  • Large flat Panels for auto fill and overflow installs
  • Automatic water-fill will not be fooled into working


BENEFITS of the Helix Bio-Mechanical Waterfall Filter
  • Clean filters without getting Dirty
  • Large biological filter capacity with polishing capabilities
  • Ability to Clean your filter with pond water
  • Ability to clean your filter without disassembling
  • No need to purchase filter pads annually
  • Easy to Install and disguise in the landscape


BENEFITS of The Helix Moving Bed Waterfall
  • Self Cleaning, Set and Forget It
  • Feed your Koi as much as you want!
  • Filter converts the waste from 3lbs of fish food each day
  • Nitrate Reduction
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen levels in pond
  • Grow your koi HUGE
  • Waterfall Filter easy to install & disguise in the landscape



Koi Photo

Click Here to see our Spring Pond Seminar date!

1. Livestock Evaluation – It’s important to take a serious look at your fish population each and every year. It only takes about three years for a new pond owner to begin putting a strain on a pond’s life support system without even realizing it.

In the third year of pond ownership your Koi should start to put on some size (and mass) if you’re doing things right. A 26” Koi can have 8 times the body mass of a 13” Koi. Yes believe it or not, a Koi that doubles in length can put on 8 times the mass!

Imagine the food consumption and waste byproduct produced if all the Koi in your pond were suddenly 26”? How would that affect your water quality, pond maintenance and water treatment routines?
Much to often a pond owner will continue to do the same routine from day one of their pond, in the 3rd, 4th and 5th year. This is when things can start to go really wrong. Evaluation your livestock population each spring so you can make minor or major adjustments each year and enjoy your Koi as they mature in to majestic beauties.


2. Water Treatment Evaluation – Beneficial Bacteria, Barley Straw Extract, Algae Fix, Koi Clay, Flocculant, Pond Salt, and the list goes on. What treatments are you doing and how often?

I’ve evaluated ponds for clients and have found entire cabinets full of different water treatment products all being used at the same time! Find clarity in your water treatment selection and in turn find clarity in your pond.

If your pond is heavily populated you might find that increasing your beneficial bacteria doses will help manage your water quality. You might find that when your Koi attain 18” you can reduce algae care products because an 18” Koi can eat a serious amount of string algae!
Did you know the use a Flocculant or Koi Clay could improve your pond’s water clarity in a big way! Reviewing your water treatment usage each spring is a great way to make improvements in your water quality.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.34.57 PM

3. Review Feeding Schedule Routines, Serving Sizes and Total Annual Poundage – Give this one some thought; think back to when you pond was brand new when you first populated your pond with Koi. Do you remember how much fish food you went through in your first pond season? Your Koi where still a bit shy and they we only a few inches long.

Chances are, you went through a pound or two of food in that first season. As your pond matures, so do the Koi and in the second season you certainly doubled or tripled that amount of food offerings. Before you know it you are into your third season, your Koi are even bigger, eat much more than last year and to top it off have become sexually active!

By the fourth season your Koi are pushing 2’ long and have 50 or 60 offspring swimming around the pond and they’re eating you out of house and home. I actually have a client with a 6000-gallon pond that purchases 250 pounds of fish food each year!

That’s crazy when you think about it! It’s important to realize massive jumps that can creep up on you and understand the demand this can have on your maintenance and water treatment routines.

HELIX Life Support Web

4. Life Support System Evaluation – Biological filters, UV filters, aeration systems, ion generators, sieve filters, settlement tanks, bottom drains, check valves, knife valves, 3-way valves, filter pads, skimmer nets & pads… Now take a deep breathe! Go about it one step at a time and evaluate each component of your life support system.

Ponds are exposed to a great deal each year with the seasonal changes, population explosions and such. I’ve seen bio-mechanical filters so overloaded with pond muck that they barely even worked, and the homeowner didn’t even realize it.

Replace UV lamps, repair diaphragms on air pumps, replace old filter pads on your mechanical filters, replace ripped skimmer nets and lava rock media bags. You get the picture now, right? Do a physical inspection of your life support each spring and rest easy while enjoying your pond the rest of the year.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty then have no fear, The Pond Digger has started scheduling work orders for Spring Pond Care and we’ll be flooding into your neighborhood soon! That will leave more time for you to plant your annual spring flowers and prepare for the barbecue Pond Party planning for family and friends; don’t forget to send us an invitation, too!

To secure a spot on our clean out calendar contact our office at (800)-522-5043 to be placed on our waiting list. Be sure to leave a daytime number so that one of our maintenance techs can contact you to review your spring POND CARE work order if necessary.

We’ve worked hard to gain your business and we’re working even harder, to maintain it. The finest compliment we could ever receive is a referral from you! If your have neighbors, friends and family that are constantly at your place marveling over your pond, PLEASE give me their names so we can build one for them too and get them out of your hair!

Spring Pond Care Seminar


Show up at 9:30am on April 6th, 2013 and we’ll walk you through all the ins and outs of what you need to do for your 2012 SPRING POND CARE!!! We’re gonna cover FOUR Spring Pond Care Essentials Every Pond Needs Annually in great detail!!

When – Saturday April 6th, 2013 – 9:30am to 12pm

Where – 31710 Dunlap Blvd. Yucaipa, Ca 92399


Touching People’s Lives With Water™,
Eric Triplett
The Pond Digger

Attendees FLOOD The Helix Pond Skimmer Booth

The Pond Digger & The Helix Pond Skimmer traveled to Shawnee, OK in February to learn & TEACH at the 2013 Water Garden Expo. Networking with a couple hundred pond contractors from across the nation is a sure fire way to soak up a ton of knowledge and get super charged for a new year!

The Water Garden Expo was a GREAT event with over 21 educational seminars geared towards The Pond Digging business and one very special Pond Contractor Focus Group on How to Direct & Produce a YouTube Video hosted by our own; Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger himself!

With the momentum of The Helix Pond Skimmer capturing the renowned award of POND PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in November of 2012 by Pond Trade Magazine, The Helix Display Booth was crowded non-stop!!!!

“Chin in Hand” was a popular pose at The Helix Booth as attendees witnessed the LIVE working Pond Skimmer Demo. To see photos or read about The Helix Pond Skimmer is one thing, but to see it in action, live and in person is an awakening!

Watch this Video to witness The Helix Pond Booth in action at the WGE show, Produced and Directed By The Pond Digger. The Helix Pond Skimmer Booth

The Water Garden Expo attendance has grown by leaps and bounds each year over the last decade and will no doubt become a staple “GO TO EVENT” in the pond industry for many years to come.

With Industry leaders and pond building veterans like Greg Wittstock – The Pond Guy, Rick Bartel, Mike White, Demi Fortuna, Jake Langeslag, Tim Trammel, Michael Northway, Benjamin Timmermans and Carl Petite – The Pond Product Review Guy just to name a few, making their way to The Water Garden Expo you know something special is going on!

Have a look at Benjamin Timmermans of Liquid Landscapes very first video shoot as he installs The Helix Pond Skimmer on a display pond at the Pond Pro Shop in Shawnee, OK. Video Produced and Directed by Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger.

Here are some quotes we got from visitors to The Helix Pond Skimmer Booth!

  • “This is not another BLACK BOX! The Helix Pond Skimmer is the next generation. We have to evolve” – Rocke Huntington, The Pond Dragon – Lincoln, NE
  • “Finally something different!” – Jason Blake – The Pond Guy – Romeo, MI
  • “The Helix is FREAKING CRAZY!” – Benjamin Timmermans – Liquid Landscape, Ashville, North Carolina
  • “I’m fascinated by The Helix Pond Skimmer.” – Jim Kennedy – National Pond Service – Canandaigua, NY
  • I asked John Eccles of Shades of Green Landscaping out of Harrah, OK, “Tell me any doubts you have about The Helix Skimmer, I want to address them.” He says to me, “I have NO doubts!”
  • “I’ve always been a big fan of the No-Niche style pond skimmer.” “I’m really fond of this new skimmer and I believe they will sell themselves.” – Mike Miller – Pond Pro Shop – Shawnee, OK
  • And my personal favorite! “WOW! THE HELIX POND SKIMMER IS HOTTER THAN DONUT GREASE.” – Conrad Kleinhoz – Kleinholz Koi Farm – Stillwater, OK


Eric Triplett
The Pond Digger

5 CRITICAL REASONS everyone should have a KOI POND in the Event of a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

  • 1. CLEAN, RUNNING WATER will be compromised! Forget turning a faucet at the kitchen sink for fresh water! We all took that precious resource for granted now didn’t we?

    Having a KOI POND established as a natural Eco-system on your property will secure yourself with a critical water source needed for your very survival!

    Without water you will be forced to venture out into untold Horrific Zombilicious dangers. The Bigger & Deeper the KOI POND, the Better! More water!

  • 2. FOOD SUPPLY would certainly be compromised like “real” quick during a worldwide Zombie Apocalypse!! Riots, Hoarding & Robbery! You’ll have to fend for yourself!

    You can grow veggies and edible aquatic plants in your Koi Pond & if you really…. Really… REALLY had to; you could eat your beloved Koi Fish!

    The Bigger the KOI, the Better! The MORE KOI the merrier!! Remember you’re doing it for the very survival of your family!

  • 3. PERSONAL HYGIENE – You’re going to need a place to bathe your smelly self at least once a week! Can you just imagine how you’re gonna reek after slaughtering Zombies, running and hiding from Zombies after a weeks time? Blahhh…

    Come on!! You can boil the water you take from the pond, for drinking, after you bathe! Get over it! You’re in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse for Pete’s Sake! You don’t even know what you’re capable of yet!

  • 4. EMOTIONAL ESCAPE! You’ll need that mental and emotional escape more than ever in the gory day-to-day Zombie Apocalypse World.

    At least once a day you’ll need to stare into your KOI POND to find peace, sanity & tranquility in the mayhem of smashing Zombie Brains just to stay alive!

    Shoot everyone needs a koi pond escape TODAY without a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, so you’ll really need this ESCAPE once you see your best friend get his or her face eaten off right before your eyes!

  • 5. KILLING ZOMBIES! Pond Building Tools will be great for killing Zombies! Think about it! A shovel has nearly the perfect weight, length and a sharp edge for wrecking Zombies!

    Shovels, Pick axes, and screwdrivers are just a couple of the hand tools that would come in handy for slaughtering Zombies in combat.

    Let us not forget that the rock-work used in and around the pond & waterfalls would be perfect for smashing Zombie Heads over and over again.

  • If these compelling reasons don’t have you racing to install a KOI POND in your yard ASAP, don’t come running to my home for valuable resources when the seemingly inevitable ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE rears it’s ugly face.

    If you care enough about your family and friends, do us ALL a favor and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE email these CRITICAL REASONS Why Everyone Must have a KOI POND!

    God Speed…


    Eric Triplett
    The Pond Digger

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